Loneliness of Aunt Laska: why Tamara Nosova, beloved by millions of viewers, was forgotten by everyone
Loneliness of Aunt Laska: why Tamara Nosova, beloved by millions of viewers, was forgotten by everyone
Tamara Nosova is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress

With their sparkling roles Tamara Nosova remembered by more than one generation of viewers. What are the images created by her in her favorite fairy tales and comedies? The fate of the actress had everything: recognition, luxury, beloved men. But Tamara Nosova had to pay for this with loneliness, terrible poverty and complete oblivion.

Tamara Makarovna Nosova is a Soviet and Russian theater and film actress

When Tamara Nosova graduated from school, she went in 1945 to enroll in VGIK. The competition was incredible - 80 people per seat, the girl managed to get through. The student dreamed of dramatic roles, so that the viewers had tears in their eyes, but her teacher Boris Bibikov was stubborn: “You never know what she wants! She has an innate humor, it should be used! " Over time, the actress realized that Bibikov was not mistaken, but in the meantime she was sobbing with resentment.

Tamara Nosova as Tosya's secretary in Carnival Night (1956)

As a student, Tamara Nosova played her first role in the film "Young Guard" directed by Sergei Gerasimov. The actress really realized herself, as the teacher predicted, in a comedy role. Despite the fact that most of the roles were episodic, each appearance of Tamara Nosova in the frame was remembered by the audience: sweet secretary Tosya in Carnival Night, provincial dummy Marya Antonovna in The Inspector General, colorful Komarikha in Wedding in Malinovka, caring aunt Laska in "Kingdom of crooked mirrors".

Still from the movie "Swedish Match" (1954)

Tamara Nosova could convey the desired image with just one glance and one phrase. So, in the film "Swedish Match" the actress had only one line: "I lived only with you, with no one else." But, every time she repeated it, the audience could not help laughing.

Still from the movie "Hello, I'm your aunt!" (1975)

Uncharacteristic for Nosova, but no less brilliantly played was the role of the mannered Donna Rosa d'Alvadores in the film "Hello, I'm your aunt!" As the actress later recalled, during the filming there were a lot of curiosities. In one of the scenes, she, sitting in an armchair, was talking about something temperamentally. Suddenly she fell back together with the chair. The film crew froze, everyone thought that Nosova had broken her head. Fortunately, the back of the chair was high, Tamara Makarovna did not harm herself at all. All this time, the operator continued to shoot. After editing, it was this scene that entered the picture.

Still from the movie "Wedding in Malinovka" (1967)

In the personal life of the actress, there were several men. The first husband of Tamara Nosova was a diplomat who was eight years older than her. The 20-year-old actress dropped everything and went with him to Austria. They lived together for six years, and then, according to her, "somehow it happened that they got divorced." Tamara Nosova remarried, and the former husband kept hoping that she would return to him.

The second husband, Yuri Bogolyubov, belonged to the famous acting dynasty. He looked after Tamara very nicely, covered her with flowers, letters, recited poetry. The actress could not hold back such an onslaught and agreed to a second marriage. But it did not last long either. The third husband of the actress was Vitaly Gubarev. According to Tamara Makarovna, this was the happiest time in her life. He wrote fairy tales, and she starred in films based on his scripts ("The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "In the Farthest Kingdom"). It seemed that nothing could destroy the family idyll, but the actress's mother lived with the spouses under the same roof.

Tamara Makarovna Nosova was the favorite of more than one generation of spectators

Tamara Nosova's mother was often sick, so the actress looked after her. Vitaly Gubarev had his own apartment, but his wife refused to move there. The mother-in-law did not hide her dislike for her son-in-law. He seemed too "European" to her.

When Vitaly went for a walk to walk the dog, he often went to a cafe for a glass of brandy. The mother-in-law saw in this the son-in-law's tendency to alcoholism. She constantly grumbled, they say, she will not be, Toma will leave for the shooting, then Gubarev will arrange a real booze in the house.

Tamara Nosova as Nichkina in the movie "The Marriage of Balzaminov" (1964)

The son-in-law has tried more than once to find an approach to his mother-in-law. Once he said to her: “Tatyana Alekseevna, do you want me to give you a mink coat, like Tamara's? We will go to a restaurant together, to the House of Cinema”. “Don't, I have a fur coat,” his mother of the actress trailed off. In the end, Vitaly could not stand the attacks of his mother-in-law and moved to his place. He married another woman, but he continued to yearn for Tamara.

Nikolai Zaseev became the common-law husband of Tamara Nosova. He could not get an official divorce, since his wife threatened to poison herself and her daughter with gas. Tamara sent him to his family, and Zaseev reached out to his beloved. After four years of suffering, they parted.

Tamara Nosova in adulthood

In the 1980s, Tamara Nosova starred in three films, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the once beloved actress became unnecessary to anyone. She was awaited by terrible poverty, the pension was not even enough for the rent. Tamara Makarovna also could not take part in concerts, because she simply did not have the means to buy a dress and shoes. Once she finally made up her mind and performed at the "skits". The actress took the stage in an old concert dress and had galoshes on her feet.

The aging actress was very hungry. Sometimes she went to eat at the homeless cafeteria. Tamara Makarovna did not let anyone go home, because she was ashamed of her poverty. She slept on an old crushed couch that a neighbor had brought her from the dump.

Tamara Nosova as Korobochka in Dead Souls (1984)

At the age of 79, the actress suffered a stroke. Concerned that Tamara Makarovna did not answer calls, the neighbors called the police. They opened the door and found a half-dead woman on the floor. A distant relative paid for her treatment at the clinic. Three months later, "Aunt Laska" was gone.

All-Union glory and complete oblivion fell to the lot of one more the brilliant actress Alexandra Zavyalova. Her fate could well become the script for the film.

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