Recent photos of owners and dogs before the euthanasia of a four-legged friend
Recent photos of owners and dogs before the euthanasia of a four-legged friend
Farewell photo session

A dog is one of the most loyal creatures on earth, so many perceive their pet as a family member, and not just as an animal. But there are times when the dog needs to be put to sleep, and the owners have to make a difficult decision to take the pet to the clinic.

Dogs with their owners Farewell of dogs to owners

Photographer Sara Beth Earnhart decided to create a collection dedicated to this difficult period in the life of every person and to capture the moment the owners say goodbye to their pet. The photo session turned out to be very soulful and heartwarming.

Photoshoot of dogs with owners Dogs and their owners

After the shooting, the photographer gave the pictures to the inconsolable owners so that the last day of the pet was always before their eyes.

Farewell to owners and dogs before euthanasia Photoshoot of the owners' farewell to their pets

Although, Sarah Beth Earnhart admits that many people come for pictures after a while, because they cannot come to terms with the loss. But no one ever left the finished album with the photographer and did not regret the photo session.

Dogs before euthanasia Dogs and Owners: Farewell

Sometimes people did not want to be photographed and ordered only images of their pet. In this case, Sarah Beth Earnhart left in the frame the animal and some part of the owner's body: an arm or a back. But tears were always the main thing in the farewell pictures. And not only people, but also dogs.

Owners and their dogs Photoshoot saying goodbye of dogs to their owners

An equally popular project with dogs in the lead role is the Underwater Dogs collection, which illustrates animals underwater. By the way, such pictures look more cheerful than Sarah Beth Earnhart's farewell photo session.

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