Black and white stories: gorgeous watercolors about animals and children
Black and white stories: gorgeous watercolors about animals and children
Travelers. Author: Elicia Edijanto

The Indonesian artist's watercolor paintings are mesmerizing at first sight. And although her work is completely done in black and gray tones, they are filled with emotions, feelings and sensations, conveyed through halftones and beautiful stories.

Warriors. Author: Elicia Edijanto Black and white watercolors by Elisha Eligianto Down the river. Author: Elicia Edijanto

", " - is talking Elicia Eligianto (Elicia Edijanto), the author of these wonderful watercolors. - Every day, when you watch the news, you are simply horrified how many bad things happen. It's angry, it's frustrating."

Echo 1. Author: Elicia Edijanto Echo 2. By Elicia Edijanto Echo 3. By Elicia Edijanto

“Every day, consciously or unconsciously, we feed on these negative vibrations. Sometimes it seems that I just can't breathe, and I really need to find a way out. Nature is a truly wonderful salvation, it brings peace and balance to the mind. And with help watercolors I try to capture this beauty of the relationship between people, nature and animals. I leave aside all colors and leave only black and white to focus the whole emphasis on the mood and atmosphere in the painting. In this way I want to convey a positive vibration to people."

Coming home. Author: Elicia Edijanto Hymn. Author: Elicia Edijanto Peaceful watercolors from an Indonesian artist Asylum. Author: Elicia Edijanto Works by Elishia Eligianto In the process of creating a work

Elixia Eligianto's works are incredibly beautiful in their graceful simplicity. They initiate the audience into a magical world, where small children fearlessly look into the eyes of huge wild animals. In our article "The magic of watercolors: the whole world between black and white"you can see the previous work of the artist from Indonesia.

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