Nostalgic watercolors by a Spanish artist who remembers this world as simple and kind
Nostalgic watercolors by a Spanish artist who remembers this world as simple and kind
Looking at the water. Author: Juan Mir

Purity of lines, beauty of forms, subtlety of color and geometry, fragments of phrases and frozen memories - all this and much more comes to life in the works of (Juan Mir), which depicts simple little things from everyday life in a way that no one else could show.

Juan was born in 1944 in Castile and throughout his life independently studied various styles and techniques, so he works equally well and easily with acrylics, watercolors, oils, pastels, graphics, and also gives preference to realism, surrealism, hyperrealism and many other directions. At an early age, he took part in all kinds of competitions and exhibitions, so by the age of eighteen, a couple of galleries offered him cooperation. From that day on, he devoted himself to art. His paintings are unobtrusive melancholy and nostalgia, where old things in the modern world, with the help of the artist's skillful hand, acquire a second life, consisting of the past and the present. Shabby books, read out to crumpled and tattered pages, a lonely violin, a typewriter that still stores in its "memory" a few lines of ink - just a tiny part of the very atmosphere that envelopes from head to toe with echoes of the past.

Coffee grinder. Author: Juan Mir Old books. Author: Juan Mir The Rose. Author: Juan Mir Violin. Author: Juan Mir An old gramophone. Author: Juan Mir Doll. Author: Juan Mir Come to me to read books. Author: Juan Mir Forgotten by someone. Author: Juan Mir Telephone. Author: Juan Mir White rose in a glass. Author: Juan Mir Musician. Author: Juan Mir An old typewriter. Author: Juan Mir

In the watercolor works of Grzegorz Vrubel, fanned by an atmosphere of warmth, tranquility and melancholy.

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