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Why Anfisa Chekhova is worried about her face and other complexes of stars that their fans do not know about
Why Anfisa Chekhova is worried about her face and other complexes of stars that their fans do not know about

They are adored by millions, and their appearance is admirable. However, this is not a sufficient reason to be completely satisfied with your own appearance and once again confirms that there are no ideal people. Although most of the complexes, and not only stars, but any person, are rather a far-fetched reason to suffer and complicate your life. And celebrity is no exception.

It only seems from the outside that self-confident stars do not have any complexes, but in fact, each of them will have claims to their own appearance. Someone has "ugly" ears, another has lips, this one has thick arms, another is too low or tall, full or thin. Never noticed? Take a closer look.

Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa doesn't think her freckles are cute

The TV presenter and simply recognized beauty, who has long been the personification of sexuality, recently began to support the direction of body positive, urging women to love their bodies. This is especially true for overweight women who have been in the fashionable backyards for a long time. Anfisa starred as the leading such projects and contributes to the popularization of curvaceous forms, in addition, she has her own line of plus-size clothing.

But Chekhov is not at all complex because she is slightly larger than fashionable standards. It turns out that the girl has a lot of freckles and generally very active pigmentation, which she usually hides under a thick layer of makeup.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett knows how to deal with complexes

The actress, whose name often leads the ratings of the most attractive women in the world, calmly treats her complexes, if only because she openly says that she is imperfect. For example, she is ashamed of her too feminine tummy, which remains in place no matter what.

She used to have complexes because she has too short legs and a full face. But I learned to correct both with the help of clothes, makeup and my own attitude.

Sofia Rotaru

And yet Rotaru is beautiful, whatever one may say

While the army of fans is trying to find out the secret of the seemingly eternal beauty of the singer, who, despite her venerable age (she is now 72 years old), looks fresh, young and attractive, she manages to find flaws in her appearance.

The singer tries not to be photographed in profile or three-quarters, because she is sure that in this angle she just has a terrible chin. However, given the paparazzi's interest in her person, she has no choice but to accept the fact that she is being photographed from all sides, including her “terrible” chin.

Christina Orbakaite

In fact, Christina has a great figure

Christina had a lot of complexes with which she has been struggling for a long time. The singer never hid the fact that too long nose gave her a lot of problems and was corrected with the help of plastic surgery. However, in addition to her nose, she is very skeptical about her thin and straight hair, which, in her opinion, could be thicker.

However, she sees the real problem in the legs, which, in Orbakaite's opinion, are too full and not too well-shaped. That is why she does not wear short skirts or shorts, preferring long dresses and closed trousers. And in stage outfits, poses come to the rescue that emphasize the legs more favorably.

David Beckham

Even the brutal David has something to be ashamed of

A footballer among journalists is considered a taciturn and rather difficult respondent, it is difficult to get him to talk, Victoria is usually responsible for communication in their family. Perhaps the reason for this lies in the fact that the brutal and athletic Beckham is ashamed of his childish high-pitched voice. He speaks almost in falsetto, which really does not go well with his appearance.

He even attended courses on speech correction, and with his wife, who planned to get rid of the British accent. True, according to the official version, David attended courses in order to engage in speech and diction, because after completing his sports career, he plans to work as a sports commentator.

Victoria Beckham

Previously, Victoria smiled more often

If David does not differ in talkativeness, then his wife talks, but she does not smile (David is puffed out for two). In fact, in almost all photographs, whether taken on the street or at some events, Victoria is most often in dark glasses, with a restrained expression on her face and even with her head down.

Victoria herself admitted that she was very shy when some attention was paid to her. She is afraid to look stupid and ridiculous, so she considers avoiding emotions the best way to avoid getting into an awkward situation. And her smile, by the way, is very pleasant.

Anna Pletneva

Pletneva strictly monitors her weight

It turns out that the girl is very worried about her tendency to be overweight (who would have thought, right?). This is because Pletneva has a very modest height - 153 cm and any additional kilogram on her is extremely noticeable. At least that's what she thinks.

So that her figure does not resemble a ball, she regularly sits on her proven diet and strictly controls the amount and quality of what she eats. By the way, more recently, the girl published a photo on the scales on her Instagram and asked the subscribers how much they had gained for quarantine.

Philip Kirkorov

Unexpectedly for himself, Philip began to gain weight

The king of the Russian stage has problems with weight, and they began already when he was firmly established on the throne. The artist has always been slim, however, it seems that with age, this option of his body has turned off. In addition, with Philip's growth of 205 cm, several kilograms from the category of "extra" and are not noticeable at all, and it is very easy to gain a couple of dozen.

The artist does not hide that he was never particularly friendly with sports, but now he regularly visits the gym in order to get rid of his new complex and maintain his harmony.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie is unhappy with her plump lips

Another proof that no matter how a woman looks and what heights she has reached, she will always find a reason to be dissatisfied, even in her impeccable appearance, which is admired by millions. And yes, Jolie, while hundreds of thousands of women are trying to enlarge their lips with the help of cosmetologists, endure pain and spend money on it, complexes about their too plump lips. this attention, which confused the young lady. With age, she became easier to relate to this, but it still annoys her when an accent is made on her plump lips. Perhaps that is why, even in makeup, she prefers smokey eyes.

Sergey Zverev

The crown clearly adds to the height. And self-confidence

The star stylist is very complex because of his height and too thin figure. However, this can be noticed by anyone who takes a closer look at it. It is unlikely that a man just wore huge boots with a platform of 10-15 cm and built voluminous hairstyles on his head, or even put on a crown. At the same time, the data on the growth of Zverev are very different. Sergei himself says that his height is 187 cm, and his weight is about 75 kg. But at the same time, even in his legendary shoes, he is shorter than the artists, whose height is 185-190 cm. It is possible that in this way he is trying to be taller not only visually, but also according to information on the Internet.

Claudia Schiffer

The love of millions does not mean self-love

One of the supermodels of the era, when they began to look at the world of fashion completely differently, from childhood she was different from her peers.Even after she began to be considered a recognized beauty, and millions of girls around the world would like to be like her, she still continued to consider herself too tall. Kind classmates and school friends called her "stepladder" and she herself often used this word to describe her physique. The supermodel is 180 cm tall.

Tom Cruise

But the charm is rife!

The handsome actor is also complex because of his height. Only it seems to him that he is too short. His height is less than 170 cm, but this does not prevent him from playing brutal handsome men in movies and leading his companions - models by the hand. However, after ending the relationship with him, Nicole Kidman admitted in an interview that now she will finally be able to wear heels. It turns out that Tom asked her not to do this when they went out together. It's over to Sergei Zverev, but the actor still prefers to wear shoes with a small platform, and in films they often resort to some tricks, thanks to which the actor seems taller than it really is.

Nicole Kidman

Too tall and too red

Tom's “former”, despite the fact that she was sarcastic about his growth, she herself is also not devoid of complexes regarding her alleged shortcomings. Her height is about 180 cm and she is sure that this is too much for a girl. Also, fate clearly treated her too cruelly, rewarding, in addition to growth, with red wavy hair. And Nicole is also sure that the nose could be better too. Obviously, the girl's complexes also grow from childhood, because cruel children will instantly come up with nicknames for those who are different from them. And red-haired as the sun Nicole certainly stood out among the crowd of her peers.

Paris Hilton

Heels are Paris's best friends

The graceful blonde, who is known all over the world, has managed to try herself in many fields and has the opportunity to lead an idle lifestyle, which, in fact, has been doing for most of her adult life. In addition, she loves experimenting with her appearance, despite the fact that she has not changed her hair color for many years. As it turned out, the graceful blonde also found reasons to be dissatisfied with her appearance. She thinks that her leg is too big, and she looks awkward with her complexion. With a height of 173 cm, the size of her foot is 43. To hide her "flaw", she practically does not take off her heels and carefully selects shoes.

Cameron Diaz

The problem is solved by a makeup artist

Despite the fact that the actress is already 47 years old, she is still worried about acne and other rashes, and since adolescence. The best nutritionists, cosmetologists and dermatologists, of course, were involved in solving the problem, but the fact remains that from time to time Diaz is forced to simply cover up the next rashes, which only aggravates the problem. Cameron is also complex because of his too small breasts, but still does not dare to have an operation, but rather learns to accept himself as he is.

Jude Law

When you're too good, that's bad too

But Jude Law is sure that he is too good and it bothers him. In his opinion, his too corny face prevents him from becoming a character actor and therefore his talent is not fully revealed. In addition, he has repeatedly encountered the attitude towards himself as a frivolous handsome man, while he himself wants to be a brutal macho. Including on the screen. By the way, this is why he always leaves a slight unshaven in order to look more masculine. This alone is unlikely to help hide his sky-blue eyes and touchingly long eyelashes.

Yulia Kovalchuk

Julia and her typical complexes

The singer literally combined girly complexes. She is sure that her nose is too long and generally terrible. But over time, I reconciled with him, but then my ears fell under the distribution. It seems to her that with her hair gathered, she looks just awful precisely because of her ears, because they are simply huge! Nevertheless, Julia does not dare to plastic, apparently her relatives managed to convince her that she simply has no flaws in her appearance. Although, Julia still rarely appears in public with her hair pulled back.They have the love of the public, they admire their appearance, they want to be like them, but this is still not a reason to be completely satisfied with the reflection in the mirror. Because, in most cases, the point is not in appearance at all. Sometimes complexes lead to the fact that a person decides that he does not live in his own body, even if he is a child of stellar parents.

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