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Celebrity moms who look like their girlfriends next to their daughters
Celebrity moms who look like their girlfriends next to their daughters
Star moms who look like their girlfriends next to their daughters

The stars of cinema and show business sometimes simply conquer with their youth and beauty. Sometimes you even find it difficult to say how old they are - it seems they have learned the recipe for eternal youth. And even next to their own daughters, they sometimes look like their charming girlfriends.

1. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and her daughter Anna

The actress takes her appearance seriously, so she often visits cosmetology clinics

2. Angelica Agurbash and her daughter Daria Yalinskaya

48-year-old singer, actress and mother of three children Angelica Agurbash, with a magnificent slim figure, healthy hair and sparkle in her eyes

3. Vera Brezhnev with her daughter Sonya

The joint picture of mom and daughter once again confirms how much Sonya looks like her star mom

4. Valeria and her daughter Anna Shulgina

Singer Valeria monitors her figure, appearance and health, therefore she is constantly engaged in yoga, and also adheres to a healthy diet in her diet

5. Angelica Varum with her daughter Lisa

This is what the matured daughter of Varum and Agutin looks like

6. Ekaterina Strizhenova with her youngest daughter Alexandra

The TV presenter looks better over the years and causes envy with her stunning blooming appearance and figure, which has hardly changed from a young age

7. Tatiana Navka and the eldest daughter of Alexandra

The athlete follows a diet, regularly visits fitness centers, spas and massage rooms

8. Glory with daughter Alexandra

The singer and her eldest daughter, who is very similar to her mother, look like sisters

9. Elena Proklova with her daughter Polina

Elena's face is not touched by wrinkles, and the figure is striking in its harmony and fit

10. Cher with her daughter Chastity

Procedures by cosmetic surgeons, giving up bad habits and meat have helped the singer look fresh and beautiful for many years

11. Irina Saltykova with her daughter Alice

A slender figure, a beautiful face, from which a smile almost never leaves - this is a recipe for youth from Irina

12. Ksenia Rappoport with her daughter Aglaya Tarasova

Ksenia and her daughter Aglaya Tarasova have a difference of 20 years

14. Renata Litvinova with her daughter Ulyana

Renata looks great and it seems that she is a little older than her daughter and suits her as a friend

By the way, not only beauty is inherited, but also a profession. And an example of this famous actresses who followed in the footsteps of their fathers.

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