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10 most anticipated TV shows of the 2017 season
10 most anticipated TV shows of the 2017 season
The most anticipated TV shows of 2017

2017 is rich in new items in the serial world and we can say with confidence that everyone, even the most sophisticated viewer, will find the series to their liking. Let's take a look at 10 of the most anticipated TV shows this season. 10 TV shows that will take your mind into a new reality. 10 TV shows that will introduce you to new characters and make you empathize with them.

1. "Taboo"

A still from the "Taboo" TV series

directors Anders Engstrom, Christoffer Nyholm / 2017In this series, the main role is played by the handsome and favorite of many women, the famous dude, as well as the heartthrob Tom Hardy. The series dates back to the 19th century. The protagonist James Delaney, after spending 10 years in Africa, returns back to London with the sole purpose of becoming a monopolist. Of course, he does not return empty-handed. In this case, he will be helped by 14 diamonds stolen in Africa and a great desire to build his own ship empire. The film has received high praise from critics and has repeatedly been included in the rating of the most anticipated films of 2017.

2. "We live for today"

A still from the TV series "One Day at a Time"

directors Pamela Fraiman, Phil Lewis, Victor Gonzalez / 2017A fun and light-hearted comedy about three generations of an American-Cuban family living under the same roof: the divorced mother of two problem teenagers, brother and sister, who always hate each other and always give inappropriate advice to the grandma, the most optimistic heroine. Hot Cuban dramas and scandals intertwine with romance and passion to create a cozy home atmosphere.

3. "Legion"

A still from the "Legion" series

directors Michael Appendahl, Danny Gordon / 2017The series is a spin-off of the legendary Marvel Universe and the X-Men and will tell about the adventures of David Haller - a mutant with multiple personality disorders, each of whom has certain superhero abilities. The guy will have to sort out his thoughts and understand which of them is reality and which is fiction.

4. "Riverdale"

A still from the "Riverdale" TV series

directors Lee Toland Krieger, Steve Edelson, Allison Anders / 2017The events unfold around a group of teenagers from the small town of Riverdale. They decide to find out what secrets their small and quiet town keeps, as well as deal with all the oddities that happen there. The series is based on the Archie comics, which give the series an air of mystery.

5. "Young Dad"

A still from the TV series "The Young Pope"

directed by Paolo Sorrentino / 2016Charismatic Jude Law in the story of 47-year-old Lenny Belardo, who through gossip and intrigue becomes the next Pope, who later took the name Pius XIII. Lenny's character is complex and far from the ideal of the Pope and it becomes clear to his entourage from the first minutes that he will not follow the decrees of the society around him.

6. Sneaky Pete

A still from the TV series "Sneaky Pete"

directors Sarah Pia Anderson, Michael Dinner, Seth Gordon / 2015A fraudster named Marius is released and wants to start a new life. In this he will be helped by the name assigned to him of cellmate Pete Murphy, who has not seen his relatives for 20 years. Taking advantage of the right moment, Marius is rubbed into the credibility of the Pete family and takes over the Murphy family business. Everything is going great until the local mafiosi decides to settle old scores with the swindler.

7. "Diet from Santa Clarita"

A still from the series "Santa Clarita Diet"

directors Mark Buckland, Ruben Fleischer, Tamra Davis / 2017Pretty Drew Barrymore returns to TV screens as Sheila - the happy wife of Joel's beautiful husband and mother of two children. Life of Sheila and Joel from the small town of Santa Clarita is measured and unhurried until Sheila “dies”. Due to mysterious circumstances, the beauty's heart does not beat, but Sheila lives an ordinary life. And if not for the sudden passion for raw meat, one would think that nothing happened.Now the children and husband will have to get used to the new way of life of their mother and wife.

8. "Victoria"

Shot from the TV series "Victoria"

directors Oliver Blackburn, Tom Vaughn, Sandra Goldbacher / 2016The series is about the golden Victorian era - the reign of the famous Queen Victoria, who ruled England for 63 years. He tells about the formation of the personality of the queen, her ascent from a capricious spoiled teenager to the most majestic sovereign. The scandals, intrigues and secrets of Buckingham Palace and the beautiful scenery speak of a repetition of the success of the first season of the series and predict high ratings among the new products of this year.

9. "Mick"

A still from the TV series "The Mick"

directors Randall Einhorn, Kat Koyro / 2017The film is about the eccentric and spoiled Mickey Murphy, who moves to a small town to look after her nephews, whose parents are hiding from the feds. She understands that this task will be given to her with difficulty, because other people's children are more spoiled than herself and are not at all going to obey her.

10. "Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes"

A still from the series "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

directors Barry Sonnenfeld, Mark Palanski, Bo Welch / 2017After a deadly fire, the three orphaned children of the Baudelaire family - Violet, Klaus and Sunny - find themselves in the wards of Count Olaf, the brutal and domineering owner of the theater. He becomes the culprit of all troubles, in every possible way trying to kill children in order to obtain their inheritance.

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