With love for the Motherland and God: after the war, the scout went from a rocket designer to a nun
With love for the Motherland and God: after the war, the scout went from a rocket designer to a nun
Natalya Malysheva is a WWII veteran, an intelligence major, a rocket engine designer and a nun

Selfless love for the Motherland, heroic deeds, "male" profession and selfless service to God - all this was in life Natalia Malysheva, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a scout, a designer of rocket engines and … a nun. The fate of this woman is incredible. She miraculously escaped death many times, and only at the end of her life, before the tonsure, she understood why everything was going this way …

Natalia Malysheva in her youth. Photo: pravmir.ru Natalya Malysheva went through the whole war as a scout. Photo: pravmir.ru

Natalia Malysheva is of Crimean origin. She was born in 1921, grew up on the ideals of love for the Motherland and even before the war underwent serious physical training - she was engaged in swimming, gymnastics, mastered horse riding and shooting. In addition to classes in the sections, she managed to study well - she attended foreign language courses, entered the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Major Natalya Malysheva. Photo: newphoenix.ru

As soon as war was declared, without hesitation, she began to ask for the front. They refused to mobilize the third-year girl, so she went into the militia. She hoped that she would receive a distribution, as a nurse, but she was enrolled in divisional reconnaissance. This determined the whole future life of Natalia, because it is not so easy to leave this profession. During the war years, she completed many combat missions, repeatedly made her way to the rear of the Nazis, listened to German telephone conversations, participated in the capture of "languages".

Natalia Malysheva in her youth. Photo: pravmir.ru

Many times she miraculously managed to avoid death: once, during a wiretapping, a German officer caught her, but let her go, saying that he could not fight against a woman; the moment when they made their way to their own, heavy snow began to fall, and the enemies could not distinguish them among the falling flakes of snow. Since 1942, Natalya Malysheva served in intelligence under the command of Rokossovsky.

Natalia Malysheva at the sea. Photo: newphoenix.ru

Service in the army did not end with Victory Day for Natalia, until 1949 she served in Poland, later she was transferred to Germany (Potsdam). Upon returning to Moscow, she continued her studies at the institute, after graduation she worked on the design of rocket engines. In particular, she was a member of a group of designers who developed an engine for the Vostok-1 spacecraft, on which Yuri Gagarin made his legendary flight. Malysheva was the only woman who was present at the tests of missile systems. Natalia had an absolutely masculine character: assertiveness, amazing ability to work, perseverance and the highest professionalism.

Natalia Malysheva in her youth. Photo: pravmir.ru

Natalia Malysheva devoted 35 years of her life to rocketry. She was promised a brilliant career not only in engineering, but also in politics, she had every chance of becoming a deputy of the Supreme Soviet. However, all plans were canceled out by a serious illness. The doctors' predictions were bleak, for Natalya it became obvious that political ambitions should be abandoned, it was time to think about the soul. Due to illness, she could not walk for a long time, thought a lot and finally decided that she needed to turn to God. She decided to take tonsure at the Holy Dormition Pyukhtitsky Convent.

Natalia Malysheva before tonsure. Photo: newphoenix.ru For Faith and Fatherland. Painting by artist A.M. Shilov. Photo: newphoenix.ru

The monastery was in need of restoration, during the war years its building was used for the needs of the architectural institute. Nadezhda, as expected, had to fulfill obedience before tonsure. For her, this was the book trade. The former intelligence officer recalled that at first she was very shy about this occupation, and then she realized that the money she earned was for the benefit of the monastery, which means that she was doing a godly deed.

Nun Adriana. Photo: newphoenix.ru

After leaving for the monastery, Natalia received the name Adrian. She spent her days in prayer and was always kind and welcoming. The nun lived here for several years, in 2009 she received the Order "For Faith and Loyalty", treated him with the same respect as her other awards - the Orders of the Patriotic War and the Red Star and medals "For Military Merit" and for the Defense of Moscow and Stalingrad.”Adriana left in 2012 shortly after celebrating her 90th birthday.

Nun Adriana kept in her heart love for God and love for the Fatherland. Photo: newphoenix.ru

The feats of many Soviet women, accomplished during the war, are undeservedly forgotten today. Thus, the microbiologist Zinaida Ermolova during the Second World War saved thousands of lives by creating a high-quality antibiotic that defeated the cholera epidemic. For this, abroad she was called nothing else than "Madame Penicillin".

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