Shocking appearance in Cannes of Igor Bogdanov - TV presenter who became a victim of plastic surgery
Shocking appearance in Cannes of Igor Bogdanov - TV presenter who became a victim of plastic surgery
Igor Bogdanov with his companion in Cannes

The other day, by his sudden appearance on the Cannes red carpet, the French TV presenter Igor Bogdanov reminded of himself. It was difficult not to notice Igor - he is very different from what other people look like, and especially in contrast to his charming companion. It is Igor (and his twin brother Grishka) who usually falls into the list of men who did not manage to stop in time with plastic surgery and brought their appearance to caricatured results.

Igor Bogdanoff and 33-year-old model Julie

Igor and Grishka Bogdanov (Igor and Grichka Yourievitch Osten-Sacken-Bogdanoff) are famous personalities within France. Once, when they were still young and looked quite attractive without any intervention of surgery, they led their program about science and wrote various fantastic works related to cosmology and fantasy. Once they even managed to publish their "research in physics" in a rather respectable scientific publication, which in fact was almost entirely fiction.

Igor Bogdanov in Cannes

Glory is not eternal, and even scandals cannot support it, and the years gradually began to take away the former attractiveness of the brothers. At some point, they both fell into depression, and around the same time they decided that the best way to keep youth and popularity would be plastic surgery.

Today Igor Bogdanov is 67 years old

Needless to say, the brothers returned glory to themselves, but not at all what they could boast of in their youth. Now Igor and Grishka are regularly included in the lists of plastic surgery victims - they both have done so many injections and surgeries that their faces look like unsuccessful masks. Especially, of course, amaze their monstrous chins. It's hard to believe that they themselves find it attractive, but even more incredible - they seem beautiful to other people. Igor, for example, only had three official marriages (as a result of which he had six children), and how many fleeting intrigues were never counted.

Igor and Grishka Bogdanovs in their youth The Bogdanov brothers from France

Igor Bogdanov appeared on the Cannes red carpet with his companion - Julie Jardon, a French model. She is 33, he is 67, but the girl, it seems, is not at all embarrassed by either the age difference or Igor's peculiar appearance.

Igor had three wives, and his current companion is 34 years younger than him

It is interesting that both brothers speak not only French, but also German, English and even a little Russian. As the twins admit, this is the merit of their parents, who kept an extensive library at home in different languages ​​and encouraged their children to learn new things in every possible way. Igor and Grishka's dad - artist Yuri Mikhailovich Ostasenko-Bogdanov - was from Russia, from Leningrad. During the war, Yuri was captured by the Germans, and then fled to France, where he later married the Czech Countess Maria Dolores Kolovrat-Krakowska.

Igor is not embarrassed by his monstrous appearance, he believes that this appearance perfectly reflects his inner world

Now both brothers write almost nothing and rarely appear in public, which is why Igor's presence in Cannes was received with enthusiasm by journalists. Although, in fairness, we must admit that last year the brothers managed to attract attention again thanks to the silly video for the pop song "Bogdanoff".

Along with the Bogdanov brothers, another victim of plastic surgery was fan Kim Kardashian, who spent more than $ 157,000 on operations to become like his idol, but the result, alas, still remains far from ideal.

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