35 thousand women of Fidel Castro: reality and myths about the personal life of the Cuban leader
35 thousand women of Fidel Castro: reality and myths about the personal life of the Cuban leader
The Comandante has always been very popular with women

August 13, Cuban military and political leader, legendary commander Fidel Castro would have turned 91, but in November 2016 he passed away. Much has been written about his revolutionary and political achievements, but the Cuban leader preferred to remain silent about his personal life. While among the people there were legends about his love of love: they said that he had at least 35 thousand women.

Fidel Castro Fidel Castro and Che Guevara fishing

One thing is certain: Fidel Castro acted magnetically on women. Eyewitnesses said: "".

The Comandante has always been very popular with women The Comandante has always been very popular with women

The personal life of the Comandante was a secret sealed with seven seals. He said to one of the biographers: "". The creation of the myth about 35 thousand mistresses of the Comandante was promoted by an interview published in 2008 in the New York Times with one of Castro's former officials. "", - said the "close". However, biographers of the Cuban leader do not take such statements seriously.

Fidel Castro and Mirta Diaz Balart Fidel Castro and Mirta Diaz Balart

In fact, there is not much reliable information about the personal life of Fidel Castro. It is known that he was officially married only once, and he had one legitimate child. The legal wife of the commandante was Mirta Diaz Balart, the daughter of the government minister of Cuban President Batista. They met at the University of Havana when Fidel was in his fifth year. In 1949, they had a son, who was named after his father - Fidel Felix Castro, Fidelito. Fidel Castro's relationship with his wife ended in a scandal: when he was in prison, his wife received a letter from her husband, addressed to his mistress Nati Revuelta. The post office allegedly confused letters for different addressees, although Nati was sure that the substitution was deliberate. Be that as it may, this led to a divorce.

Nati Revuelta Comandante with daughter Alina Daughter of the Cuban leader Alina

Socialist Nati Revuelta was a married lady and Castro's comrade-in-arms in the revolutionary struggle. In 1952 he and Fidel had a whirlwind romance. From prison, Fidel wrote to her: "". They had a daughter, Alina, who in the 1990s. fled Cuba. An aristocrat by birth, Nati sold her family jewels in order to get money for the revolution, it was in her house that Fidel created a plan to attack the Moncada barracks in 1953. When their daughter Alina grew up, she stated that she did not recognize her father, and that Fidel ruined her mother's life.

Isabel Custodio

In 2005, a book by journalist Isabel Custodio, "Love Will Forgive Me," was published, where she talked about her romance with Fidel. They met in Mexico, where Castro was exiled for political reasons. When he was in prison, the girl persuaded a journalist friend to take her there to meet the Cuban revolutionary. After he was released, their acquaintance continued. According to her, Castro tried to persuade her to marry him, but she was afraid that "this is a very heavy burden."

Celia Sanchez and Fidel Castro Celia Sanchez and Fidel Castro

Celia Sanchez was also a fighting friend, companion and mistress of Castro, with whom he remained until 1980. After the victory of the revolution in Cuba, Castro had even more female fans who shouted under his windows: "I want a child from you!" The Saturday Evening Post correspondent wrote that Fidel had an affair with CIA-recruited Marita Lorenz, who was tasked with poisoning the revolutionary, but she could not do this because she was in love with him.

Marita Lorenz and Fidel Castro, 1959 Marita Lorenz Marita Lorenz

The last common-law wife of the commandante was Dalia Soto del Valle, who lived in the closed residence of Fidel and rarely appeared in public. The couple had five sons.Castro's former bodyguard claims he had another son with Maria Laborde. Fidel had an affair with her even before his marriage to Myrta, and he carefully concealed this secret. In total, Fidel is credited with up to 20 illegitimate children. However, this, too, is just part of the myth about the legendary commander.

Dalia Soto del Valle and Fidel Castro Fidel Castro

There are no less legends about love victories of Che Guevara: how the great commandante conquered women.

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