The fading star of Luciena Ovchinnikova: Why Katya from "Girls" spent the last years of her life in oblivion and loneliness
The fading star of Luciena Ovchinnikova: Why Katya from "Girls" spent the last years of her life in oblivion and loneliness
Theater and film actress Luciena Ovchinnikova

On September 10, the famous Soviet theater and film actress Luciena Ovchinnikova could have turned 87 years old, but she has been dead for 19 years. In the movie, she played about 60 roles, but the audience will probably remember her first of all in the role of Katya from "Girls". In the 1960-1970s. she was a very popular and sought-after actress, and in the 1980s-1990s. she disappeared from the screens and stopped appearing on the stage of the theater. Even the most devoted fans forgot about her, and the last years of the life of the most cheerful of the "Girls" were completely bleak …

Theater and film actress Lucien Ovchinnikova

Luciena Ovchinnikova was born in 1931 into a military family. At the age of 6, she lost her mother, her father soon married again. The family constantly moved from city to city, and Lucienne each time had to get used to new schools and new classmates. At the age of 17, she ran away from home - her father was against her desire to enter GITIS. But the girl was determined, so she packed her things and left, leaving a note: "".

Lucien Ovchinnikov in the film Father's House, 1959

First, she went to her aunt in Minsk and tried to enter the theater institute there. This she did not succeed, and Luciena got a job as an apprentice of the seller in a department store. And a year later she went to conquer the capital, and she was admitted to GITIS. Immediately after graduation, she entered the troupe of the Mayakovsky Theater, and from 1957 she began acting in films. Luciena Ovchinnikova was so open and cheerful that her colleagues in the theater called her a sunbeam.

Still from the film Girls, 1961

Her film debut was the film "The Father's House" by Lev Kulidzhanov. The actress hoped that she would get the main role, but she was given to Lyudmila Marchenko, and she got the image of a village girl Nyurki. Nevertheless, after the very first work in the cinema, she received a resounding success. This picture entered the list of the highest-grossing films in the USSR and was awarded many awards and prizes at international film festivals.

Still from the film Girls, 1961 Lucien Ovchinnikov in the film Girls, 1961

Soon after the first success of Lucien Ovchinnikova, she again made herself talk about, having played a role in the film "Girls", which became her hallmark. A colleague of the actress on the set Svetlana Druzhinina, who played Anfisa, said: "". After this film, All-Union popularity came to Ovchinnikova.

Still from the film Girls, 1961

In the mid-1960s. Luciena Ovchinnikova was already a real movie star, although at that time there was no such thing as a “star”. But the more successes in her career the actress achieved, the more problems and tragedies happened in her personal life. Her first civil marriage broke up due to the fact that she was too focused on her career and did not want children, the second common-law husband of Ovchinnikova, actor Alexander Kholodkov, died in her arms.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR Luciena Ovchinnikova Still from the movie They Ring, Open the Door, 1965

Trying to survive this loss, the actress increasingly found solace in noisy feasts, which was not uncommon in the acting environment. And when she married actor Valentin Kozlov, the situation worsened - her husband not only did not keep her from addiction, but also shared it with her. They lived together until the end of their days, but no children appeared in this marriage, and the couple gradually began to move away from each other. The actress's friend Tamara Tour confessed: "".

Lucien Ovchinnikov in the film Loyalty, 1965 Honored Artist of the RSFSR Luciena Ovchinnikova

And soon the career of the actress began to decline - the directors offered her mostly episodic roles in their films.The new head of the Mayakovsky theater did not find a common language with her husband due to the fact that he often appeared at work drunk, and decided to remove him from the theater. Ovchinnikova delivered an ultimatum: if he is not left, she will also leave. But no one began to restrain her, and they both left the theater. Due to his lack of fulfillment in the profession, the husband drank heavily and raised his hand to his wife. Friends more and more often noticed that the actress appeared covered in bruises, but despite this, she did not want to leave her husband, she said that, besides him, she had no one else.

Still from the movie Mom got married, 1969 Luciena Ovchinnikova in the film Mom Got Married, 1969

In the 1990s. the hardest times have come for the actress. There was no more work in the cinema - the new era demanded new heroes, moreover, she never knew how to ask and knock on officials' doorsteps. Ovchinnikova lamented: "". Galina Anisimova told: "". In the last years of her life, Ovchinnikova worked in the "Comrade Cinema" program, voiced cartoons and went to perform at group concerts, where the artists were paid with food.

Theater and film actress Lucien Ovchinnikova Still from the film Olga Sergeevna, 1975

Together with Kozlov, they lived for 32 years. In 1998, the actress's husband passed away. And the financial situation was so dire that Ovchinnikova did not even have money for her husband's funeral, and Stanislav Sadalsky helped her. To the few acquaintances with whom she continued to communicate, the actress admitted that she suffers from severe depression and loneliness. On January 7, 1999, she was gone - a blood clot came off. At that time, Luciena Ovchinnikova was 67 years old. Only a few people accompanied her on her last journey.

Lucien Ovchinnikova in the film Lullaby for Men, 1976 Still from the film Date with Youth, 1982 Honored Artist of the RSFSR Lucien Ovchinnikova

It is interesting that the fate of the main characters of "Girls" in real life has developed exactly the opposite. The heroine of Luciena Ovchinnikova in the film was the most prosperous, and the actress herself had a lot of trials. But for other actresses, everything was different: How did the fate of "Girls".

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