Two lives of Aida Vedischeva: Why the singer was blacklisted and emigrated to the USA
Two lives of Aida Vedischeva: Why the singer was blacklisted and emigrated to the USA
Singer Aida Vedishcheva

In the 1970s. the songs performed by her were known to the whole Union - "Somewhere in this world …", "Help me", "Forest deer". Voice Aida Vedisheva everyone knew, but the singer herself always remained behind the scenes. She was constantly obstructed: she was not indicated in the credits of films, concerts were canceled, and she was not allowed on television. And as a result, she was forced to make a decision that divided her life in two …

Aida Vedischeva (Ida Weiss) in her youth Singer Aida Vedischeva

The real name of Aida Semyonovna Vedishcheva is Ida Solomonovna Weiss. She was born into a family of doctors in Kazan, her father was Jewish and her mother was Russian. Both wanted their daughter to continue the family tradition and enter medical school, but she dreamed of becoming an artist since childhood. After school, she graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in Irkutsk, where the family lived at that time, and then went to Moscow to enter the Schepkinskoye School. The girl was not impressed by the admissions office, but thanks to her extraordinary vocal skills, she was accepted into the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem.

Aida Vedishcheva on stage Aida Vedischeva (Ida Weiss) in her youth

In the second half of the 1960s. the whole Union recognized the voice of Aida Vedishcheva. This happened thanks to Leonid Gaidai's comedy "Prisoner of the Caucasus", in which the "Song of Bears" ("Somewhere in this world …") performed by Vedishcheva was performed. The disc with this recording in the very first days sold 7 million copies. However, to the television leadership, the words of the inoffensive song seemed vulgar: the original version of "bears are scratching their backs on the earth's axis" seemed unacceptable to the artistic council (why do they scratch? Do they have fleas? It's somehow unaesthetic). All the bumps flew to the performer, and not to the songwriters - honored cultural workers Alexander Zatsepin and Leonid Derbenev. As a result, the name of the singer was not indicated in the credits of the film.

Singer with her second husband, the head of the Meloton ensemble Boris Dvernik

A year later, Vedishcheva sang the song "Geese, Geese" at a music festival in Sopot, and then sang the famous song "Volcano of Passions" ("Help Me") in the film "The Diamond Hand". And again she incurred the wrath of the leadership: to the Minister of Culture Furtseva, the song seemed unprincipled and vulgar, and the singer received a telegram demanding "to stop this disgrace."

Performer of hits from legendary Soviet films Aida Vedischeva's record

Despite the dissatisfaction of the authorities, the songs of Aida Vedischeva were incredibly popular among ordinary listeners: "Forest Deer" from the comedy "Oh, this Nastya!", "Let them talk" from the movie "Three plus two", "Chunga-changa" from the cartoon "," Lullaby of the bear "from the cartoon" Umka ".

Aida Vedischeva's record Aida Vedischeva's record

The authorities continued to obstruct her: they canceled planned concerts, did not allow her to appear on television, and did not allow her to tour abroad. Researchers of her work call the anti-Semitism of S. Lapin, the head of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Agency, one of the probable reasons for this. Another reason is believed to be her performance in Sopot in 1968 - at the moment when Soviet troops entered Czechoslovakia. Later, Aida Vedishcheva recalled: "".

Aida Vedischeva

The singer was fortunate enough to work with the best musical groups in the country: she was a member of the Kharkov and Oryol Philharmonic, performed with the orchestras of Lundstrem and Utesov, with the ensembles "Meloton" and "Blue Guitars". However, she did not manage to realize all her creative plans. Together with the Meloton ensemble, she staged a stage performance “Singing Novels”, but the format of the musical displeased Soviet officials - they saw the influence of the West in this.After 8 months, her musical group was taken away from the singer, she created a new one, but he also suffered the same fate. "", - Aida Vedishcheva recalled.

Singer Aida Vedischeva

In the mid-1970s. the singer's name disappeared from the credits of all films and cartoons in which she performed songs, videotapes and audio recordings were demagnetized and destroyed. And on the threshold of her 40th birthday, Aida Vedishcheva decided to take a desperate step: to start a new life in emigration. This decision was not easy for her, but she did not have the opportunity to work in the USSR. She said: "".

Performer of hits from legendary Soviet films

Since 1980, a new countdown began for the singer, her second life - together with her husband, mother and son, she left for the USA. I had to start literally from scratch: Vedischeva entered the theater college and studied American theatrical art for 4 years, working as a nurse. She first lived in New York, then moved to Los Angeles. Immediately after moving from the USSR, she dyed her hair blonde and took the stage name Amazing Aida - “Amazing Aida”. So a new singer was born.

Singer with her third millionaire husband

Already 2 years after emigration, Vedishcheva prepared a solo program and toured almost all of America. Later she created her own theater and her own television show, wrote and directed a musical, and although the singer was popular among the representatives of the Russian emigration, she still did not succeed in achieving great success in the United States. Vedischeva was able to visit her homeland only after perestroika, and since 1989 she came here quite often.

Singer with her fourth husband, Naim, and the poet L. Voropaeva

Aida Vedishcheva's personal life was also full of sharp turns. She was married 4 times: her first husband was the famous circus artist Vyacheslav Vedishchev, under whose name the singer became famous. The second husband, Boris Dvernik, was the leader of the Meloton ensemble. They broke up immediately after emigrating to the United States. For the third time, the singer married an American millionaire of Polish descent Jay Markoff. Aida left him due to the fact that he limited her creative freedom and was against concert activities. And her fourth husband, Israeli businessman Naim Bedjim, became her guardian angel when in the 1990s. she was diagnosed with third-degree cancer. He helped her overcome her illness and recover from surgery and chemotherapy. The singer said: "".

Singer Aida Vedischeva

At the moment, the 77-year-old singer still lives in America, several times she participated in the Golden Hit festival in Mogilev as a guest and member of the jury. She says about herself: "".

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