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"Kings of Hollywood": socialites, movie stars and other celebrities through the lens of the legendary Slim Aarons
"Kings of Hollywood": socialites, movie stars and other celebrities through the lens of the legendary Slim Aarons
Socialites, movie stars and other celebrities in the lens of the legendary Slim Aarons

George Allen Aarons is an American photographer who was born in 1916 in Manhattan. He became famous for his photographs of celebrities. But he did not come to this right away. At 18, Aarons joined the US Army, then worked as a photographer at West Point and was a photographer during World War II. He began photographing celebrities when, after the war, when he moved to California. It was there that he created his iconic project "Kings of Hollywood".

1. Party in San Francisco

Audrey Hepburn talking to Mrs. Grover Mine

2. Countess Elisabeth Caroline von Fürstenberg-Hedringen

A theater and film actress who was famous in the 1950s

3. Lauren Bacall and her son Stephen

One of the greatest movie stars in Hollywood history with her son Stephen

4. Travel to Acapulco

Bill Bubb, Thomas Beecher, model Carolyn Phillips, Mrs. Rabb and model Jean Adams

5. Festive party

Fleur Coles and photographer Cecil Beaton at the party

6. Marilyn Monroe

An actress who has become one of the most iconic images of American cinema and world culture

7. The model conquers the fashion world

The model, which was selected for his show by a famous designer. USA, New York, 1953

8. British film actress

Famous British actress Mara Lane is relaxing by the pool. USA, Las Vegas, 1954

9. Photoshoot with Eva Gabor

Talented American film actress Eva Gabor

10. Tony Curtis and Janet Lee

Famous actors who enjoyed wide popularity in the late 1950s

11. Esther Williams

American swimmer, talented actress and star of the first magnitude of the "water musical"

12. Countess Dolores

A 1955 portrait of Countess Dolores von Fürstenberg

13. Movie star Joan Collins

A successful actress who has starred in major American and British cinema

14. Socialite

Hungarian film actress Eva Gabor in 1955

15. Gladys Patsy Pulitzer

Photoshoot with a famous model. USA, Florida, 1955

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