From December 17, 2009 to January 31, 2010 - exhibition of Victoria Kiryanova and Lyubov Lesokhina "Traditions of multilayer watercolors"
From December 17, 2009 to January 31, 2010 - exhibition of Victoria Kiryanova and Lyubov Lesokhina "Traditions of multilayer watercolors"
Victoria Kiryanova. Window to Paris, 2009

The exhibition has been extended until January 31, 2010! State Museum - Humanitarian Center "Overcoming" them. ON. Ostrovsky presents an exhibition of works by young artists Victoria Kiryanova and Lyubov Lesokhina "Traditions of multilayer watercolors".

Exhibitions by Victoria Kiryanova and Lyubov Lesokhina are being held at the Museum Center for the fifth time. For them, members of the Union of Moscow Artists, artists-teachers of the Moscow State Specialized School of Watercolors by Sergei Andriyaka, this is a kind of creative report that has become traditional in the hall of the Overcoming Museum.

They have chosen their path in art forever. And the genre of watercolors, its traditions are devoted with all their hearts. And talent gives them the opportunity to create, and see, and feel the world around them especially acutely. They give their vision to people, contributing to the birth of kindness and harmony of feelings in them. The skill of the artists is improving from year to year. The technique of multi-layered classical watercolor requires a special character and patience. You can't go wrong here. The sequential application of layers of paint one on top of the other, glazing require the artist's filigree skill. A sheet of paper, fixed on an easel, like a screen, like a glow. Images are born with just a precise touch of the brush. All this requires not only skill, but also special properties of a person's character.

The exhibition reveals the traditions and secrets of multi-layered classical watercolors and their inherent drawing on days when everything is saturated with New Year's and Christmas mood. She is in tune with this mood. The works of Victoria Kiryanova and Lyubov Lesokhina are emotional. They carry in themselves a declaration of love for wildlife, for the world, its beauty. These are landscapes and still lifes - the result of Victoria Kiryanova's trips to France and Latvia. On them - the corners of Paris and old Riga. A large series of oriental still lifes belongs to the artist's brush. All this was done literally in the last 2009.

Victoria Kiryanova. Oriental dessert, 2009 Victoria Kiryanova. Oriental still life, 2008 Victoria Kiryanova. Spring in Montmartre, 2009 Victoria Kiryanova. Brittany. Old boats, 2009 Victoria Kiryanova. Vec Riga. Rain, 2009 Victoria Kiryanova. Vec Riga. St. Peter's Square, 2009

For Lyubov Lesokhina, this year was also significant because she became a mother. In June, her son was born - Yuri. There are many recent pencil drawings on display. Here is a portrait with his son, and the familiar alleys of the Moscow garden "Hermitage". Among the works of L. Lesokhina there is an amazing New Year's presentation for the Year of the Tiger. This is "Tiger Triptych": a tigress with a tiger cub, a tiger in the water, a family tiger couple. Lyubov Lesokhina for the first time turns to the genre of artistic animalism, which she does very successfully, using tinted paper.

Lyubov Lesokhina. Series

“My drawings and canvases are pieces of myself,” said Henri Matisse. The words of the great artist could be attributed to the paintings of young artists. “The goal of creativity is self-giving” - this could be said about how young watercolor masters understand their purpose. But each of them goes its own way, where the main criterion is the creative individuality.

According to art critic L. Kandalova, “landscapes, architecture and Venetian carnival masks in the works of Victoria Kiryanova are lined up in a single row of fragile jewels. Her paintings - travels give the viewer the opportunity to acquire a spiritual vision, other dimensions and movements in the spaces of the history of culture.”This is a very accurate description of the work of V. Kiryanova, whose brush. First of all, spirituality is inherent. The objects in her compositions always live and carry a special charge of energy, their own mysterious world, in which a person must be involved.This kind of supposed "fairytale" beauty is conveyed by V. Kiryanova in combination with the real drama of life.

Victoria Kiryanova. Christmas Eve Night, 2004

On the canvases of Lyubov Lesokhina, presented in the exhibition, you see the importance for the author of the plastic solution of the picture, the refinement and expressiveness of the plot. Therefore, she often looks for bright colors in the palette of watercolors, which makes her works spectacular and expressive, conveying the artist's thought to the viewer.

L. Lesokhina's brush is precise and energetic. There is no doubt about it. There is confidence, a desire to recreate what was conceived, to convey your vision of the world. Therefore, there are no eternal stereotypes for her, but there is a way to search for truth in art. She boldly uses techniques and techniques that are characteristic not only of academism, realism, but also combinations, as the language of the main idea. "Luminosity", critics say, is a reflection of her soul. Today, having become a mother, we see how the artist's energy is enriched by the polyphony of feelings, love and lyrics. And there is a sound of eternal themes, old and traditional, like our big world. Victoria Kiryanova and Lyubov Lesokhina are the successors of the traditions of the academic Russian art school. The works of V. Kiryanova and L. Lesokhina are made on special paper made from natural cotton or linen, which allows the paints not to fade or fade, keeping the watercolor for very long years. They are not afraid of either sunlight or temperature drops.

In 2004, L. Lesokhina became the winner of the All-Russian Competition for Young Artists named after P.M. Tretyakov. Her painting Still Life with a Lit Lamp was exhibited at the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Artists - participants and diploma winners of many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Their works are in museums and private collections in Russia. France, Great Britain, USA, Spain, Austria.

The exhibition runs from December 17, 2009 to January 31, 2010.

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