Tests for real men: The bright life and premature death of Nikolai Eremenko Jr
Tests for real men: The bright life and premature death of Nikolai Eremenko Jr
People's Artist of Russia Nikolay Eremenko Jr

17 years ago, on May 27, 2001, one of the most charismatic actors passed away Nikolay Eremenko-younger. At that time he was only 52 years old. The audience remembered him for the films "Red and Black", "Thirty-first June", "In Search of Captain Grant", "Pirates of the Twentieth Century" and "Tests for Real Men". He himself seemed to pass such tests all his life, proving both to himself and to those around him that he could be called a man with a capital letter. It seemed that fate was testing him with all the temptations that could be - money, fame, incredible success with the opposite sex - and not from all these tests he managed to get out with honor.

Future actor with parents - artists Nikolai Eremenko and Galina Orlova Actor in his youth

To many, he seemed to be a real darling of fate. Nikolai Eremenko was born on Valentine's Day - February 14, 1949 and, it seemed, from birth was doomed to the love and adoration of everyone around him. His parents were actors, and Nikolai, as they say, "grew up behind the scenes." He easily entered VGIK, although many said that this happened only due to the fact that his father Nikolai Eremenko was a famous actor. During his studies, he was one of the favorite students of Sergei Gerasimov, to whom many students dreamed of getting. But Nikolai was not enthusiastic about his studies, often skipped classes, received reprimands and passed on to the next course "conditionally." Nevertheless, in his student years, he began acting in films, and he got roles that others could only dream of. So, in 1969, he starred with Gerasimov in the film "By the Lake", where his partner on the set was Vasily Shukshin.

Nikolay Eremenko Jr People's Artist of Russia Nikolay Eremenko Jr

Success and popularity came to him early enough, in the cinema he was assigned the role of a hero-lover who easily wins women's hearts. However, this was also the case outside the set. Half of the female population of the country sighed over the stately, courageous handsome man. Glory and crowds of fans turned his head. Later, Eremenko admitted: "".

Nikolay Eremenko in the film Red and Black, 1976 Still from the film June 31, 1978

By the end of the 1970s. Nikolai Eremenko was already a well-known actor, but all-Union popularity fell upon him after the release of the film "Pirates of the XX century". Then we didn’t shoot action movies yet, and this film became one of the first in this genre. The actor wondered why such a sensation was made not by "Red and Black", for example, but by a film in which his hero only runs, jumps, fights and swims. But this was enough for many spectators to lose their heads from the first Soviet superhero. "", - said Eremenko.

Nikolay Eremenko in the film June 31, 1978 Nikolay Eremenko in the film June 31, 1978 Scene from the film Pirates of the twentieth century, 1979

The film caused an ambiguous reaction: critics smashed it to smithereens, in the newspapers "Pirates …" they accused of imitating the West, Brezhnev revised them several times, Nikolai Eremenko was recognized as the best actor in 1981 according to the results of a poll by the magazine "Soviet Screen", and he himself was puzzled: "".

Still from the film In Search of Captain Grant, 1985 Still from the film In Search of Captain Grant, 1985

Nikolai Eremenko was often called arrogant, arrogant and narcissistic, to which he replied: "".

People's Artist of Russia Nikolay Eremenko Jr Nikolay Eremenko in the TV series Brigade, 2002

The actor has always enjoyed incredible success with women. Fans were on duty at his entrance, cut off the phone, bombarded with letters, and once one of them came to his house with a suitcase: "". He was officially married only once, but in parallel with his first marriage, he had a common-law wife, who bore him a daughter. And he spent the last years of his life with a girl who was 18 years younger than him.Nevertheless, Eremenko has repeatedly stated that he considers himself a loner, not created for family life.

People's Artist of Russia Nikolay Eremenko Jr

Despite his excellent physical shape, Eremenko did not hide the fact that he was not a supporter of a healthy lifestyle: "".

Actor with parents

These weaknesses and addictions had fatal consequences for the actor. When he had a stroke, he forbade his common-law wife to immediately call an ambulance - he drank the day before and did not want to go to the doctors. And when they arrived, it was too late, they could not save him. His mother said that in the past 10 years, it was as if a self-destruction mode had been turned on - after the collapse of Soviet cinema in the early 1990s. he seemed to have an internal breakdown, he began to drink, and the body could not stand it. Nikolai Eremenko's classmate Nina Maslova believed that he himself had brought his departure closer: "".

People's Artist of Russia Nikolay Eremenko Jr

One of the most famous films Eremenko suffered a sad fate: Why was "June 31" sent to the shelf, and the song "World without a beloved" was forbidden to be performed on stage.

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