Legends of the 1990s: the group "Technology", or the story of why Roman Ryabtsev did not become a star in France
Legends of the 1990s: the group "Technology", or the story of why Roman Ryabtsev did not become a star in France
Group Technology, early 1990s

In the early 1990s. the songs "Strange Dances" and "Press the Button" were mega hits, group "Technology" gave 4 concerts a day, and her soloist Roman Ryabtseva were overpowered by the fans. In 1993 he unexpectedly decided to leave the band and went to Paris to record an album. It was rumored that women were actually to blame for the breakup of the group …

Legendary techno-pop group Technology

Techno-pop group "Technology" was founded in 1990 by the musicians of the "Bioconstructor" after the soloist left them. The first line-up included Leonid Velichkovsky, Andrey Kokhaev and Roman Ryabtsev, and later Vladimir Nechitailo joined them. Ryabtsev became the soloist - in his words, "out of necessity, and then out of inertia, and for some reason everyone liked it." In the same year, Technology began work on its debut album and released its first clips. These performers were not like anyone else (they were compared only with "Depeche Mod", although the similarity was only external), so the group immediately attracted attention and won thousands of fans.

Group Technology, early 1990s Group Technology, early 1990s

In 1991, Yuri Aizenshpis began working with Tekhnologiya as a producer. He helped the group to release the album "Whatever You Want". With his arrival, the group became recognizable and popular throughout the country. For 14 months the song "Strange Dances" held a leading position in the hit parade of the "Sound Track" of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets". “Before, everything was somehow simpler, we brought our video to a music channel and put it on. At that time, it was generally possible to break through without any special PR. Everything was decided by personal connections,”the band's lead singer Roman Ryabtsev later admitted.

Legendary techno-pop group Technology

The following year, Technologiya released an album of remixes, took part in the Rock-Summer festival in Tallinn, gave several large-scale concerts in Moscow and Leningrad, gathering about 15 thousand spectators at each of them, and went on a tour in other cities of the country. The popularity was incredible, they often played 4 concerts a day. A complete surprise for many was the news that in the fall of 1992 the group stopped working with Aizenshpis, and soon Roman Ryabtsev announced his desire to pursue a solo career.

Technology group on stage Legendary techno-pop group Technology

At the time, there were rumors that women were actually to blame for the group's breakup. Vladimir Nechitailo said that "Roman Ryabtsev's ambitions were" given birth to "by his beloved girlfriend, who worked for M-Radio. She convinced him that he was able to make a solo career. " Later, he broke up with this girl and, as the musicians assume, regretted leaving the group. And soon after him Andrei Kokhaev left, and Leonid Velichkovsky took up the production of the singer Lada Dance. "Technology" disappeared for a while, and then appeared in a renewed line-up.

Tech group after reunion, 2003

Roman Ryabtsev went to France in 1993 to record a solo album. He talked about this period like this: “I signed a contract, then - rehearsals with a French group in Paris, then - recording … And then - the curator of my project died … And since RFI is about the same as the State TV and Radio in the USSR (t i.e. - state office, money - government), then this whole story came to naught. Pros? A lot of them. They bought me good instruments, I worked with a "live" band, recorded in the West, learned some things that we didn't do … ".

Tech group after reunion Roman Ryabtsev continues to perform on stage

After returning to Russia, Ryabtsev fell into depression, a creative crisis began, and problems with alcohol appeared.However, he was able to overcome all this, again took up a solo career and released 4 albums in 10 years. In 2003, the two main vocalists of Tekhnologiya, Roman Ryabtsev and Vladimir Nechitailo, reunited, and the group began performing concerts again. However, the audience still clamored for the songs "Press the Button" and "Strange Dances".

Group Technology

Now they are not afraid of disagreements over women: “Since then we have matured, gained life experience and learned to separate flies from cutlets. Personal life and work should not interfere with each other. " They are also optimistic about their prospects in the music market: “We do not want to remain a“band from the past”. We have recently recorded a new album "Carrier of Ideas", which, on the one hand, retained the trademark sound of "Technology", and on the other hand, is addressed to modern youth and is in tune with their musical tastes."

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