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Male actors who starred in Russian TV series and won the hearts of millions of spectators
Male actors who starred in Russian TV series and won the hearts of millions of spectators
Male actors who starred in Russian TV series and won the hearts of millions of spectators

It is perhaps difficult to find a genre that has more fans than television series. They are watched by schoolgirls, students, retired women, housewives … And even the most serious and glamorous ladies, there is no doubt that in the list of their favorite films they always have a "soap opera" in reserve for the soul. Therefore, is it any wonder that male actors who appear in TV shows immediately come under the scrutiny of TV viewers and become their idols.

1. Alexander Vitalievich Sokolovsky

The track record of the young theater and film actor includes more than 25 roles in films and television series

2. Alexey Alexandrovich Chadov

The younger brother of actor Andrei Chadov burst into the world of cinema with lightning speed after a series of vivid roles in the films "War", "Night Watch", "Game of Moths"

3. Anton Nikolaevich Batyrev

Russian theater and film actor

4. Daniil Alexandrovich Strakhov

The famous Russian actor, known to the audience thanks to many popular films and television series

5. Danila Valerievich Kozlovsky

Film critics call Danil the best Russian actor of the new generation

6. Dmitry Vladimirovich Nagiev

Russian actor, musician, singer, showman, TV and radio host

7.Igor Petrovich Petrenko

The Russian actor fell in love with the audience for his military images

8. Ilya Sergeevich Akintiev

In addition to working in theater and cinema, Ilya performs in the group "Three in the Wind", in which young Moscow actors sing and play music

9. Ivan Maksimovich Zhvakin

Russian theater and film actor, star of the series "Molodezhka"

10. Konstantin Yurievich Khabensky

The best actor in the country to date

11. Konstantin Vitalievich Kryukov

Has been playing in films and acting in television projects since the age of 18

12. Makar Viktorovich Zaporozhsky

A talented Russian actor, whose career has been rapidly gaining momentum in recent years

13.Maxim Alexandrovich Matveev

Honored Artist of Russia, theater and film actor

17. Marat Alimzhanovich Basharov

One of the most sought-after theater and film actors, behind whom dozens of roles in the most famous films and TV series of the Russian film industry

15. Mark Konstantinovich Bogatyrev

The young talented actor became the idol of many girls, playing the cook Maxim Lavrov in the TV series "Kitchen"

16. Mikhail Georgievich Kremer

The young actor played cameo roles in the films: "Cop in Law-9", "Carrier", "Svaty", "Adult Daughters", "Survive After"

17.Mikhail Evgenievich Porechenkov

Glory to the artist was brought by roles in such famous TV series and films: “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, “Gangster Petersburg. Film 1”,“Special Forces”,“Trio”,“Destructive Force-6”,“Kill Stalin”

18. Denis Evgenievich Nikiforov

Denis Nikiforov's teacher and mentor was the famous actor Oleg Tabakov, who in his student years invited him to perform in his theater

19. Pavel Valerievich Priluchny

Russian theater and film actor who became popular after the airing of the film "On the Game" and the series "Closed School"

20. Pavel Alexandrovich Savinkov

The Russian theater and film actor is known for the series Happy Together (2006), I Won't Come Back (2005), Wasp's Nest (2016) and Street (2017-2018)

21. Peter Borisovich Romanov

Russian actor, model and TV presenter of the popular program "Eagle and Tails"

22. Yuri Andreevich Nikolaenko

Theater director, composer, artist who played Stas Zuev in the series "Youth"

23. Vladislav Igorevich Kanopka

The promising Russian actor won the love and recognition of TV viewers thanks to the role of the hockey player of the Bears amateur team Andrei Kislyak in the Molodezhka TV series

24. Vladimir Lvovich Mashkov

Soviet and Russian actor and film and theater director, screenwriter, film producer, is the artistic director of the Oleg Tabakov Theater

25. Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych

The actor on the screen turned into a doctor, an athlete, a businessman, a prince, but most successfully he was able to play heroes in military uniform

26. Yaroslav Nikolaevich Boyko

Popular Russian and Ukrainian theater and film actor who has been playing in "Tabakerka" for more than 20 years, and also performs on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov

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