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Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton: The Love Story of a Couple in Photos
Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton: The Love Story of a Couple in Photos

Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton first met at a bar in 1984. Freddie offered his new acquaintance a drink, and Jim didn't even recognize the star. And only later did his friends tell him that he drank with Mercury. That time it all ended with drinking and talking. The next time Mercury and Hatton met after 1, 5 years in the same bar, but they left together, and very soon Hatton had already moved to live with Mercury in Garden Lodge.

For two years Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton lived in perfect harmony. And then the musician found out that he had AIDS and invited Hatton to leave. But he said that he loved Freddie and was not going to go anywhere. And he did not leave. He was close to his lover, took care of him and looked after him until his death in 1991. Hatton himself lived with HIV for about 20 years and died in 2010 from lung cancer.

1. Life-long love

Freddie Mercury met Jim Hutton in 1984

2. Atypical love story

The legendary Freddie Mercury had to hide his feelings for his boyfriend Jim Hutton all his life

3. Together in trouble and in joy

Despite all the difficulties that fell to the lot of Freddie and Jim, the partners always supported each other

4. In a country house

Calm Jim Hutton, as well as the famous Freddie Mercury, did not like the close attention of the press

5. Vacation in Japan

Jim Hutton became a reliable support for his eminent friend after Freddie was diagnosed with an incurable disease

6. Before going on stage

Jim Hutton tried to accompany his best musician friend at all events

7. Shrouded in secrecy

Freddie Mercury wore a wedding ring on his finger, given to him by Jim Hutton

8. Party in a small circle

Only very close people knew about the non-standard orientation of the British performer at that time

9. Distinguished guests

Freddie Mercury preferred to keep his personal life a secret and rarely gave interviews

10. During rest

The British musician has lived with his boyfriend Jim Hutton for over 6 years

11. Sincere feelings

A faithful friend remained by the side of Freddie Mercury until the death of the famous musician

12. Winter memories

The official version of Freddie Mercury's death was bronchial pneumonia

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