Kate and Leo - the friendship that the actors carried through their lives for over 20 years
Kate and Leo - the friendship that the actors carried through their lives for over 20 years

For the first time, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet met during the filming of the already legendary film "Titanic" in 1996. At that time, Leo was 22 years old, and Kate was a year younger than him. Now, more than 20 years later, the friendship of these two actors is still strong, all these years they supported each other in difficult times and did not share the most joyful periods in their lives.

Keith and Leo after the release of the movie Titanic

Filming "Titanic" was not easy - it was seven grueling months of work, it was a great challenge for the entire team. But, perhaps, it was the difficulties that sealed the friendship between Kate and Leo.

Leonardo DiCapri on Kate Winslet

For a long time, Kate was very complex about her weight. "When I was 14 years old, my acting teacher told me that I can do something, but only if I agree to play fatties." It was Leo who helped the actress overcome her low self-esteem. “I remember during the filming of Titanic, Leo told me: 'Hey, leave this overweight topic in the past.'

Kate and Leo have been friends for over 22 years

Once in an interview, Kate admitted that every time she and Leo meet, they can afford to say the stupidest things, and the second will never judge. “And sometimes we even quote each other from the Titanic. We can afford it."

The actors admit that they always support each other

“Leo is a very fair and reliable person. He is a great friend, and he has always been, and not only for me, with everyone around. He is still friends with those with whom he was friends during the filming of "Titanic" "- says about his colleague Kate. After the film, almost all the tabloids wrote that the actors, apparently, meet in real life - they can't appear so often in public together just like that. However, to numerous questions from journalists, both answered simply that they were "very good friends."

After the movie Road of Changes

Ten years later, Kate and Leo played together again in the movie "Road of Change". At the same time, both actors said that working together on the same site seemed so right for them, so natural that it seemed that it could not be otherwise. As a result, both actors were awarded Golden Globe nominations for their roles in this film, and Kate even brought her statuette home. Standing on stage, Kate thanked Leo with tears in her eyes. “Leo, I am very glad that I can stand here on stage with the award and say how much I love you and how I have loved you all these 13 years. You are a great actor and your acting in this film is great. I love you with all my heart, I really love you."

Kate and Leo in the movie Road to Change

After the second divorce, Kate found it difficult to combine work and raising children - at that time she had a daughter from her first marriage and a son from her second. Leonardo rearranged his schedule to help Kate with the kids. And so when, in December 2012, Kate secretly married for the third time - to millionaire Ned Rocknroll - she held the ceremony in secret. The parents of the actress were not even invited to this wedding. But Leonardo was present there. Moreover, it was he who led the bride under the altar.

Friendship of two actors

In 2016, a scandal erupted around the Oscar - then only white actors were nominated, and many involved in the film industry announced a boycott of the awards ceremony. Kate came to the gym that year. “I felt like this is Leo's year. He is my best friend in the world and I just could not imagine that I would not be there to support him. " Indeed, in the one where Leo first received the Oscar for Best Actor in the movie The Survivor. When the actor was already standing on stage with the coveted award, the operators caught Kate's reaction - she was crying with joy.

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Leo and Kate after filming Titanic

That same year, at the Golden Globes Awards, Leo was asked if he would like to play with Kate Winslet again in the same film. "I wish I could. She is my favorite actress,”Leo replied then.

The actors have been supporting each other for over 20 years

Back in 2009, at Oprah's show, Leo admitted that he and Kate are still the best friends for each other. “Kate and I literally grew up together in this industry, and all this time we were one mechanism, the parts of which constantly support each other. We could always rely on each other and always helped each other."

Kate and Leo

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