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20 unexpected retro photographs of the last century that did not make it into the history books
20 unexpected retro photographs of the last century that did not make it into the history books
Documentary retro photographs taken in the 20th century

The world is constantly changing. And you can see these changes if you look at old photographs that allow you to understand how the world looked like 50-100 years ago. Retro photography is a unique opportunity to plunge into the past and see what the era of our grandparents was like.

1. An unusual sight

Grandmothers on a swing. Slovakia, 1966

2. Profitable profession

Golf ball collector. USA, 1920s

3. Heavy snowfall in Komi

Heavy snowfall in the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Komi in the 1960s

4. Check weighing

A nurse weighs a baby in a Scottish village. Scotland, 1959

5. School "bus"

A school bus that was quite common in the northern states. USA, 1930

6. Real spaghetti

One of the stages in the production of pasta. Italy, 1932

7. Mountain Gorilla Queen

Diane Fossey is an eminent ethologist and conservation advocate. Rwanda, 1980s

8. Rich catch

Fisherman. Turkey, Istanbul, 1930

9. Training of waiters

Training of waiters in the best restaurant in the resort of St. Moritz. Switzerland, 1932

10. Elegant smokers

Unusual competition for the most elegant smoker. France, Paris, 1935

11. Friendly duel

Duel between King Juan Carlos of Spain and King Constantine II of Greece in 1966

12. Trampoline tests

Trampoline inventor George Nissen jumps on a trampoline with a kangaroo in 1960

13. The first Apple Computer

The early Apple I personal computer in 1976

14. The first well-known female tattoo artist

Maud Wagner is the first American female tattoo artist. USA, 1907

15. Guaranteed success at the holiday

Spectacular Minnie Mouse costume in 1933

16. Ensierro

Spanish national custom. Spain, Pamplona, ​​1965

17. Ski resort

A nun who goes for a drive in a ski resort. Italy, 1975

18. Shooting the cartoon "Bambi"

Hard work on the cartoon "Bambi" in the 1940s

19. The main fairy tale characters

Snow Maiden and Santa Claus on the beach. USSR, 1980s

20. True Scots

Scottish soldiers at the Colosseum. Italy, Rome, 1944

And in continuation of the topic more 18 retro photos of how they rested and lived in Crimea.

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