Mountain of the Dead Demands New Sacrifices: Remembering the Tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass
Mountain of the Dead Demands New Sacrifices: Remembering the Tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass
Members of the Dyatlov tour group

The first of February will mark 57 years since a terrible tragedy broke out high in the mountains of the Northern Urals on one of the passes - the participants died under mysterious circumstances. Dyatlov's tour groups… After many years, the pass, named after the leader of the group, continues to take the lives of climbers, the other day there was a message about another victim Mountains of the Dead

Dozens of documentaries and feature films have been filmed about the Dyatlov Pass, novels and stories have been written, and volumes of official documentation on operational search work have been collected. The tragedy that unfolded on the night of 1 to 2 February 1959 did not leave anyone indifferent.

Members of the Dyatlov tour group

There were 10 participants in the famous tour group, only one managed to survive - Yuri Yudin - and even then only because he left the race at the most crucial stage of the ascent. The remaining 9 daredevils stubbornly walked to the top. Their names will forever remain in our memory: Igor Dyatlov, Rustem Slobodin, Yuri Doroshenko, Grigory Krivonischenko, Nikolai Thibault-Brignolle, Lyudmila Dubinina, Semyon Zolotarev and Alexander Kolevatov.

There are many stories about how tourists freeze during ascents, however, not all of them receive such a resonance as the history of the Dyatlov group. The reason for this is the inability to establish the true reason why 9 strong and brave young guys died. According to information from the personal diaries of the participants in the campaign, it was possible to establish that on February 1, Dyatlov made a number of mistakes, which may have become fatal. The group set out on the route rather late and, moreover, deviated from the intended path. In order not to lose the gained height, Dyatlov decided to set up a tent on the slope of mountain 1079.

Members of the Dyatlov tour group

It was this tent that rescuers found when they began to search for the missing group. The tent turned out to be cut from the inside; 9 fully equipped backpacks of the group members were preserved in it. The bodies of the dead guys were not immediately found. They were looking for them for several months, the latter were found only in the spring, when the snow began to melt. Each new "find" shocked the rescuers.

All members of the group died of hypothermia, but some of them had no clothes, except underwear, others were barefoot. Almost all of them had multiple burns on their hands and feet, three people were seriously injured.

Tent discovered by rescuers

Among the causes of the tragedy, both real and fantastic factors are named. Although both are doubtful. The most common versions include the descent of an avalanche or the collapse of the tent due to a snow block. The tourists, distraught with fear, got out, in which they slept, with the only thought - to escape into the forest, where there would not be such a piercing icy wind.

Theories were put forward about the murder of tourists by fugitive prisoners, residents of the Mansi tribes, who revered the mountain as a saint, by local poachers. But they were all refuted, since no traces of other people were found.

Among the most fantastic options - death from an unknown weapon, which was tested in this area, the intrigues of special services, or even a meeting with a UFO. The official conclusion, adopted by the court, stated that the death of tourists was due to a spontaneous force that people were not able to overcome.

The Dyatlov Pass can be called one of the 20 mystical places in Russia, covered with legends and mysteries… In our review, we have collected all the most interesting!

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