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Because of what Elena Tsyplakova disappeared from the screens for a long time and how she found her happiness
Because of what Elena Tsyplakova disappeared from the screens for a long time and how she found her happiness

She began acting in films as a schoolgirl and immediately became popular. The bright and spontaneous Elena Tsyplakova very quickly became popular, she was even dubbed the princess of cinema. It seemed that a dizzying career in cinema and theater awaits her. However, the actress soon disappeared from the screens and for a long time nothing was heard about her. Elena Tsyplakova went through a lot in order to regain herself and find her true happiness.

From the school bench to the set

Elena Tsyplakova

When Elena was still a schoolgirl, Nikolai Yudin and his wife Dinara Asanova came to visit their parents. And then Dinara came herself to talk to Elena. She then began to shoot her first film "The Woodpecker Doesn't Have a Headache" and invited the schoolgirl to star in one of the main roles.

By the time she graduated from school, Elena no longer thought about choosing a profession. She managed to star in several films by Dinara Asanova and was going to enter the theater. And she dreamed of leaving Leningrad for Moscow in order to feel like an adult independent person.

Elena Tsyplakova

She entered GITIS, rented an apartment, which at first was helped by her parents, but later she decided that she should provide for herself completely on her own. Participation in the filming of students was prohibited, but Elena Tsyplakova still constantly went to the shooting. I tried to come up with good reasons for my absence from class, but the teachers, of course, knew that the student was playing in the movies. As a result, she was expelled from GITIS, almost immediately after the release of "School Waltz".

Shot from the film "School Waltz"

Elena immediately took advantage of the long-standing offer of Lev Kulidzhanov and transferred from the second year of GITIS to the third year of VGIK, having passed an additional 14 exams. She studied with Lev Kulidzhanov and Tatiana Lioznova. After graduation, she was invited to join the troupe of the Maly Theater, where she worked for two years. And then she entered the directing department of VGIK.

Rapid marriage

Elena Tsyplakova

During the tour of the Maly Theater in Riga, Elena Tsyplakova got married. The most interesting thing is that the marriage came as a surprise even for herself. The romance with a work colleague against the backdrop of romantic Riga was so passionate that the lovers did not want to wait for their return to the capital.

Elena Tsyplakova

They took from the management of the theater a petition to the local authorities, in which the administration asked to enter into the position of actors and to get married, without subjecting the feelings of the spouses to a long test.

Pretty soon it became clear: Elena and her husband were too hasty. The young family did not last even a year.

Difficulties of being

Elena Tsyplakova

Elena met her second wife at the celebration of her own birthday. Sergey Lipets was a dentist and came to the actress's house with one of her friends. I looked at this unrestrained, reckless fun in a cramped one-room apartment, and invited everyone to continue celebrating the mistress's birthday in his spacious country house.

Pretty soon Sergey and Elena became close. She was not embarrassed by the age difference of 20 years. She was in love and happy. And she dreamed of living with her lover all her life. Elena Oktyabrevna selflessly planted greens at their dacha, rolled jars of compote and pickled cucumbers.

Elena Tsyplakova

At the time, the actress was filming very little due to health problems.At first, she underwent a not entirely successful operation, as a result of which she was deprived of the opportunity to have children. And then, during a creative trip to Africa, despite vaccinations, she contracted malaria. She was not diagnosed immediately, and therefore the treatment and subsequent rehabilitation were long and painful. As a result, Elena Tsyplakova recovered very much and did not want to appear on the screen in her new image. But then she began to make films.

Elena Tsyplakova

It so happened that Sergei began to gradually move away from his wife, his attention was often demanded by children from the previous barge. Yes, and Elena Tsyplakova considered herself not entitled to become between her husband and children. After 13 years, the second marriage of the actress also broke up.

Life with a clean slate

Elena Tsyplakova

After the divorce, it was difficult for her. She was desperately short of money, and she was not used to asking for help. However, she did not allow herself to give up either. She got a job at the institute as a teacher, even traded in cosmetics. And with the money that I received as a prize for my film "Reed Paradise" I bought myself a "six", which I learned to drive masterfully.

True, I learned to drive, but not to understand the technical intricacies. And when the car once again stalled, Elena Oktyabrevna, standing on the side of the road in the hope of catching a ride, began to pray that God would send her a man who would deal with her car.

Elena Tsyplakova

Pavel Shcherbakov turned out to be the driver of the “four” that stopped next to her. He figured out not only her car, but immediately with all her problems, becoming for Elena Tsyplakova, first a real friend, and then a husband. At the same time, the actress for a long time believed that he was married, so she kept him at a distance. At that time, Elena Oktyabrevna had already become a believer and did not allow the thought of a relationship with an unfree man. However, Pavel was already in a state of divorce, it only remained to arrange all the papers.

Marriages are made in heaven

Elena Tsyplakova and Pavel Shcherbakov on their wedding day

Elena and Pavel not only officially registered their marriage, but also got married in a church. They both sincerely believe that their marriage was made in heaven, and therefore no life storms threaten him.

Elena made friends with Pavel's daughter Julia, and Pavel for the sake of his beloved woman left his job and began to help his wife in everything. As Elena admits, she would never have withstood the monstrous stress she experiences while working, if not for the help and support of Paul.

Elena Tsyplakova with her husband and his daughter Julia

After long filming of the series "Carmelita: Gypsy Passion", Elena Tsyplakova literally collapsed, her legs gave up. She was diagnosed with diabetes and put in a wheelchair. Her work and her beloved husband, who did not leave her for a minute, helped her to rise to her feet.

Elena Tsyplakova with her husband

The life of Elena Tsyplakova is similar to her own films, in which a dramatic story necessarily has a happy ending. Her filmography includes not only acting, but also 11 projects in which she acts as a director. And most importantly, in her life there is now that very true love that she once played on the screen.

One of the most striking works of Elena Tsyplakova as an actress was the role of Catty in the film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers." The Soviet three-part musical adventure film with Mikhail Boyarsky in the title role has become a classic of Soviet cinema, beloved by the audience. Especially for fans of Russian cinema, about how the actors who played the roles in the cult Soviet film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers" have changed over the years after filming.

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