An inconvenient genius: why the leadership of "Mosfilm" excommunicated actor Oleg Borisov from cinema
An inconvenient genius: why the leadership of "Mosfilm" excommunicated actor Oleg Borisov from cinema
Theater and film actor Oleg Borisov

24 years ago, on April 28, 1994, the famous theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR passed away Oleg Borisov, which was remembered by millions of viewers for his roles in the films "Chasing Two Hares" and "The Collapse of Engineer Garin". Many colleagues and directors called him a proud man and did not like him because of his difficult and arrogant nature, and for the same reason he often had conflicts with the leadership. Because of this, the actor had to leave the theater, and once at Mosfilm he was completely excommunicated from filming for 2 years …

Actor in his youth

In fact, his name was Albert. As a child, he was called Alik, and already at the Moscow Art Theater School, he became Oleg, although according to his passport he always remained Albert. He later told about his birth: "".

Theater and film actor Oleg Borisov Oleg Borisov

From the moment of his first appearance on the stage, it was clear to everyone that a new star had been lit. His talent was so original and extraordinary that even the most venerable directors did not dare to argue with him. He could say to the recognized master: "" - and leave the stage. The theater was both an altar and a hard labor for him. Many colleagues considered him withdrawn and arrogant, but this was not a consequence of overestimated self-esteem, but very high requirements for all representatives of the acting profession and, first of all, for himself. The actor's son Yuri said: "".

Actor on the stage of the theater Oleg Efremov and Oleg Borisov

The film debut of Oleg Borisov took place in 1955, and 5 years later he played a role that became his hallmark for many years - the barber Golokhvastov in the comedy "Chasing Two Hares". Despite the incredible success of this film, this role for Borisov was never fixed, and his comedic talent remained unclaimed - most often he was offered the roles of doubting intellectuals and tragic heroes, which he also did great! Very often Borisov got supporting roles, but in them he sometimes overshadowed the main characters. This was the case, for example, in the films Baltic Sky and Give a Book of Complaints.

Shot from the film Chasing Two Hares, 1961 People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Borisov

Often he missed the opportunity to play the main roles due to the fact that he could not find a common language with the director. When in 1979 Alexander Zarkhi began filming Twenty-Six Days in the Life of Dostoevsky at Mosfilm, Oleg Borisov was supposed to be the writer. But he parted ways with the director - it seemed to him that he wanted to present the "operetta Dostoevsky", and left the shooting when a third of the picture had already been filmed. In January 1980, the director of "Mosfilm" Nikolai Sizov called the actor for a conversation and announced his suspension from work for 2 years. Borisov said: "".

Oleg Brisov in the film The Collapse of Engineer Garin, 1973

He was called a proud man, but the actor himself did not deny it: "". Director Georgy Tovstonogov from time to time invited Borisov to the main roles, but did not like him for his corrosiveness and meticulousness. He said: "". To his colleague-director, who was going to invite Borisov to the main role in the play, he advised: "".

Theater and film actor Oleg Borisov Still from the movie Along the main street with the orchestra, 1986

Because of intrigue and envy, which often forced him to leave theatrical collectives, Oleg Borisov preferred to communicate with people far from the art world. He had many friends among athletes, for many years he was very close to Valery Lobanovsky and went to all Dynamo matches.The comedy "Chasing Two Hares" became a kind of mascot for this team - the coach believed that this film brings good luck and motivates players to win, so the players often revised it before matches.

People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Borisov Oleg Borisov in the film Parade of the Planets, 1983

Despite disagreements with directors and colleagues, Oleg Borisov was so devoted to his profession that he continued to appear on stage for 16 years, knowing that he was terminally ill - he had a rare blood disease, lymphocytic leukemia. No one even suspected his illness in the theater. On April 28, 1994, the famous actor passed away. His son Yuri said: "".

Actor with his son Yuri People's Artist of the USSR Oleg Borisov

Throughout his life, his wife remained with the actor. Oleg Borisov and Alla Latynskaya: 40 years of easy happiness next to a difficult person.

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