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10 facts that are destroying popular myths about famous landmarks
10 facts that are destroying popular myths about famous landmarks
St Basil's Church. View from above

Many world famous architectural monuments are covered with a variety of myths and legends. And some of them eventually became so popular that they even got into school textbooks. In our round-up 10 facts that debunk the most beautiful stories associated with famous landmarks.

Myth 1: The architects of St. Basil's Cathedral were blinded

St Basil's Church

One of the most significant sights of Russia is St. Basil's Cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral), which is an invariable symbol of Moscow for many inhabitants of our planet. The temple was built in 1555-1561 by order of Ivan the Terrible. According to legend, the architects Barma and Postnik, after they completed the construction, were blinded so that they could not build anything like this later. But historians argue that in fact Postnik, if he was one of the architects who erected the temple, could not be blinded. Because later he took part in the construction of the Kazan Kremlin.

Myth 2: the Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Many believe that the Queen of England's residence is Buckingham Palace. In fact, Elizabeth II lives in St James's Palace, which has been the official residence of British monarchs for over 400 years. The palace was built by Henry VIII in 1531-1536.

Myth 3: A coin dropped from the Empire State Building can kill a person

Empire State Building

There is an opinion that if you throw a coin from the roof of the Empire State Building, then until it reaches the ground, it will accelerate so that it can kill a person. In fact, due to its shape, when falling, the coin will be subject to strong wind resistance. Of course, a coin can cause trouble, but it is completely unable to pierce a human skull.

4. Stonehenge was built by druids


Many tourist guides say that Stonehenge was built by the "Druids". But modern scientists question this fact, arguing that in fact the connection between the druids and Stonehenge is far-fetched, and anyone could have built it. Radiocarbon dating has revealed that the first stones of Stonehenge were laid between 2400 and 2200 BC, while the latest evidence for construction in the area dates back to 1600 BC. This was long before the druids settled in the region. Few know about what is in the world 10 mysterious landmarks older than British Stonehenge.

Myth 5. The White House went white after a fire

The White house

It is believed that immediately after the construction (about 1792) the White House was gray, and it became white much later. When British troops captured Washington in 1814, they set fire to the White House. After the renovation, the building was allegedly painted white. In fact, the building was whitewashed 16 years before the fire.

6. Nothing can be higher than the Capitol dome


Many are surprised that there are no skyscrapers in Washington. There is an opinion that it is forbidden to build buildings that would exceed the Capitol in height, since nothing in this city can be more important than politics. But in fact, the reason is trivial. The construction of skyscrapers in Washington is prohibited by the 1910 law, but which the height of buildings in the city cannot exceed the width of the street plus 6 meters.

7. Galileo threw cannonballs from the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning tower of pisa

To test his assumption that heavy objects fall down at the same speed as light ones, he allegedly simultaneously dropped a cannonball weighing 80 kg and a musket bullet weighing 200 g from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Both bodies, which had a streamlined shape, reached the ground at the same time. But historians believe that this story was invented in order to draw attention to the personality of the scientist.

Myth 8: Big Ben is the tower of London

Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the main symbols of London. It is here that tourists tend to be photographed as a souvenir. But few people know that in fact the clock tower is called "Elizabeth Tower", and "Big Ben" is the bell inside this tower.

9. Hoover Dam is full of human remains

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is one of the largest in the world. Over the 5 years of its construction, between 1931 and 1936, more than 96 deaths occurred. It is said that many of the workers who died were buried inside a concrete dam, where they still rest today. In fact, there is not a single burial in the dam.

10. Great China - the only structure visible from space

View of the Great Wall of China from the stratosphere

The Great Wall of China is one of the most outstanding monuments of human civilization. The Chinese claim that this longest wall in the world can be easily seen from space. But in 2003, Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei proved that was not the case.

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