On the delicate: how knights in heavy armor went to the toilet
On the delicate: how knights in heavy armor went to the toilet
Medieval knight's armor

When it comes to medieval knightly battles, the imagination immediately draws heroes in shining armor and a banner in hand, or, at worst, a man chained from head to toe in iron. But if you move a little away from romance and remember that the knights were ordinary people, then a completely ordinary question may arise: how are they relieve themselvesbeing in armor.

Knight's armor with a metal codpiece

Usually, squires dressed in armor of knights, and this procedure took quite a lot of time. It happened that the weight of metal uniforms reached 50-60 kilograms, therefore, with all the desire to quickly undress and relieve the natural need, the knight could not. But to think that he walked right "under himself" is not entirely true (with the exception of prolonged battles in military battles).

"Pants" of the knight

Since the knight most often remained on horseback, the lower part of his vestments was not clad in armor. There were no pants in the modern sense then. Stockings were worn over the underwear, which were tied with strings at the waist. In front there was a codpiece, representing a triangle of fabric, more like a bag. Therefore, if the knight was necessary for a small need, then taking off everything was not at all obligatory.

Knight's armor with armor in a causal place Knight armour

Over time, the codpiece also began to be covered with metal, which performed not only a practical, but also an aesthetic function. Often the size of the metal plate was much larger than necessary. Thus, everyone could flaunt their "masculine strength".

In a medieval knight, all parts of the body were chained in armor

Medieval armor served not only as necessary armor, but could also be a real decoration of a knight. The Italian Filippo Negroli was considered a true virtuoso of armor chasing. He succeeded transform helmets, shields and armor into exquisite jewelry.

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