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What were the actors who played in the film "The Marriage of Balzaminov", years after filming
What were the actors who played in the film "The Marriage of Balzaminov", years after filming

The Soviet film "The Marriage of Balzaminov" was released in 1964, and it was shot based on the Trilogy by A.N. Ostrovsky. The film was filmed in Suzdal, and the title role was played by Georgy Vitsin. He, then 46, had to play the 25-year-old hero. He had been making up for so long before each shooting that he himself joked that it would be correct to call the film "The Marriage of the Embalmed." In this review, photographs of the actors who played the roles in this film, on the set and after many years.

1. Ekaterina Savinova (26.12.1926-25.04.1970)

Soviet actress, whose creative destiny was very difficult because of the difficult relationship with the head of "Mosfilm" Ivan Pyriev

2. Zhanna Prokhorenko (11.05.1940-1.08.2011)

The beginning of the artist's creative career was laid in the Sovremennik theater, on its stage Grigory Chukhrai saw the student and invited the girl to appear in his film

3. Grigory Shpigel (07.24.1914-28.04.1981)

The master of cameo roles had an unusually high and sonorous voice for a man, so he was often invited to voice both male and female characters

4. Inna Makarova

The legendary personality in Russian cinema has come a long way from a simple provincial to the favorite actress of the Soviet audience

5.Lidia Smirnova (13.02.1915-25.07.2007)

For her creative work, the actress has actively starred in films of various genres - comedies, dramas, political and children's films

6. Lyudmila Gurchenko (12.11.1935-30.03.2011)

Films with her participation are known to millions of viewers and are included in the lists of classics of Soviet cinema, and the actress herself has become a symbol of an entire era in Russian cinema

7. Lyudmila Shagalova (6.04.1923-13.03.2012)

The actress, who gained popularity thanks to the role of Vali Borts in the film "Young Guard", in 1964 starred as the official's mother in the comedy "The Marriage of Balzaminov"

8. Natalia Krachkovskaya (24.11.1938-3.03.2016)

Most often, the popular actress played secondary roles, but her characters were so vivid that the audience remembered no less than the main characters

9. Nadezhda Rumyantseva (09.09.1930-8.04.2008)

In life, the actress was a very cheerful and cheerful person, as well as many of her heroines - kind, cheerful and naive girls

10. Nikolay Kryuchkov (6.11.1911-13.04.1994)

The smiling, charismatic actor was remembered by the audience at first sight, his talent is confirmed by numerous awards and prizes, he gave the best years of his life to cinema

11. Nonna Mordyukova (25.10.1925-6.07.2008)

The great actress was the favorite of millions of viewers, in her characters she embodied the spirit of a simple Russian woman

12. Rolan Bykov (12.11.1929-6.10.1998)

A true legend of Soviet and Russian cinema, ated screenwriter and director, thanks to his talent, he played bright and memorable characters

13. Tamara Nosova (21.11.1927-25.03.2007)

A beautiful talented actress and queen of comedy was a star of Soviet cinema, besides, an incrediblyted person

14. Tatiana Konyukhova

The famous actress had an attractive appearance and extraordinary talent, the audience fell in love with her heroines at first sight

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