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How does 38-year-old actor Alexei Yanin live and what he does after a stroke 6 years ago
How does 38-year-old actor Alexei Yanin live and what he does after a stroke 6 years ago

Cheerful, charming, with a beautiful athletic figure actor Alexey Yanin first appeared in Russian cinema almost 17 years ago and immediately fell in love with viewers. Theatergoers remember him for his main roles in the performances of the Russian Academic Youth Theater. However, one of the days in May 2015, in an instant, divided the life of the 32-year-old actor into "before" and "after". How Alexey Yanin lives now, further - in our publication.

A bit of biography

Alexey was born on March 14, 1983 in Moscow into a family far from art. My mother is an economist by profession, my father is a historian. Parents raised two children: him and his older sister.

Alexey Yanin in childhood and adolescence

Lesha began to show artistic abilities from childhood. A boy with a cheerful character and irrepressible vital energy has always been the soul of the company. He was loved by both kindergarten teachers and teachers at school. After leaving school, Alexey Yanin chose an acting profession for himself. He submitted the documents to three universities at once, from which he chose the Schepkinsky School. He himself recalled that at first he did not completely understand the difference between theatrical universities, so he listened to the recommendation of his teacher Efim Steinberg, who once dreamed of becoming an actor himself.

Artistic career

Alexey Yanin is a Russian theater and film actor

A talented novice artist with a sports figure, 180 cm tall, who received a diploma with honors after graduating from college, was invited to several theaters at once. Of all the options offered, Alexei chose RAMT, since at the final stage of his studies he was already listed in the youth theater as the leading role in the play "Lord of the Flies".

Later, Alexey played the main role in the production of Yin and Yang, the prince in the play Cinderella and the scientist in the play The Shadow. The actor himself claimed that he never divided roles into good and bad. He always tried to get used to the role of his character so as to be remembered by the viewer.

Alexey Yanin is a Russian theater and film actor

During his short artistic career, his filmography comprised more than 30 films and TV series, and the actor was also involved in more than 10 theatrical productions. However, work in the cinema brought wide popularity to Alexei. He made his debut in the role of the companion of the heroine Alika Smekhova in the comedy "The Balzac Age, or All Men Are Theirs …". He was also remembered by viewers for the films "Ahead of the Shot", "Classmates", "They Do Not Part with Their Beloved", "Stronger than Destiny", where he played the main roles. The last time fans saw Alexei on TV screens in the series "The Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse."

Personal life of Alexey Yanin "before"

Olga Khokhlova and Alexey Yanin

The actor was married twice. I met my first wife, actress Olga Khokhlova, on the set. Love overtook young actors, as they say, at first sight. The novel developed rapidly, and soon ended with a wedding. But, the joint life of Alexei and Olga did not work out. As everyone said then, they didn't agree. There were no children in the marriage, so the separation was quite easy.

Daria Klyushnikova and Alexey Yanin

The second wife of Alexei Yanin - Daria Klyushnikova - singer, participant of the 5th "Star Factory". She graduated from the pop-jazz college at the Gnessin Academy, the Shchukin school. The young people met in 2009 on vacation in Goa, and three years later they got married. In 2012, Dasha gave birth to Alexei's son Andrey.

Daria Yanina (Klyushnikova), Alexey Yanin with his son Andrey

The life of Alexey Yanin "after"

Six years ago, Alexei Yanin disappeared at rehearsals, film sets and theatrical stage. The actor's schedule was so tight that the artist was practically not at home. By May 2015, the busy schedule pretty much exhausted Alexei, and the young man's body unexpectedly failed: Yanin had a cerebral hemorrhage. So in an instant the full life of the 32-year-old actor was interrupted and many years of exhausting rehabilitation and recovery began.

Olga Yanina with her son

Doctors diagnosed Alexey with a disappointing diagnosis - a massive stroke. He was paralyzed, a hematoma formed in the brain, the volume of blood in which was 70 ml. With this indicator, irreversible consequences occur in the body, and death occurs at 100 ml. The artist's condition deteriorated sharply, an emergency surgical intervention was required. Doctors gave the actor craniotomy and connected it to a ventilator. Then they were specially introduced into a vegetative state, in which the body could react to external stimuli.

Alexey was practically in a coma for several months, and over the next two years he underwent several more operations. The actor was diagnosed with optic nerve atrophy, speech impairment, loss of many functions of the musculoskeletal system. There was no particular optimism in the forecasts of the doctors, until at the end of 2016, Alexei underwent a complex operation, after which rehabilitation went faster.

Alexey Yanin after a stroke

It is worth noting that financial support to the family, which faced a terrible disaster, was provided by colleagues, friends and simply not indifferent people. On Instagram, a request for help and details for the transfer of funds were published by many artists who knew Yanin well and simply crossed paths on the set. During the day, we managed to collect 500 thousand rubles. This is how much the first operation cost, and the day spent in the hospital cost Alexei's relatives 30 thousand rubles. Therefore, any, even small, help was accepted with great gratitude. And later, the whole world raised money for rehabilitation in a medical center in Germany.

The wife on social networks all the time informed excited subscribers about the state of her husband. The parents had a microblog on Facebook, in which they shared their son's successes after the stroke and posted his photo. All these six years, Ioannina's relatives have been literally fighting for his health. The doctors finally gave hope: there is positive dynamics in the state, but in order not to lose the result, expensive rehabilitation cannot be interrupted.

Alexey Yanin with his mother

Thanks to the treatment and selfless support of his mother, Alexei went on the mend. In 2017, Olga Yanina published the first good news on social networks that. And a year later, my mother reported on social networks about the next success of rehabilitation:

Alexey Yanin after a stroke

And a little later, a selfless woman will write:

Daria Yanina (Klyushnikova). Alexey Yanin after a stroke

In recent years, all care for Alexei Yanin fell on the shoulders of his mother. The actor's wife gradually moved away from him. Taking her son, she moved to the city. Occasionally she visits her sick husband, explaining this by being very busy. Daria makes a career, plays in the theater, records songs and releases video clips. The funds received, in her words, she spends on the maintenance of her son and the rehabilitation of her husband. Often, various rumors about her appear on the network like: Who knows, they are so groundless.

Alexey Yanin. The result of rehabilitation. Photo:

Alexei's mother has no complaints about her daughter-in-law, for her the most important thing is that Alexei can return to a full life. Although it is recognized that the recovery process is very slow and takes all the strength. But, she lives by her faith. - says Olga Yanina.

Actor Alexey Yanin before and after

And we can only support the mother of the actor and wish her son a speedy recovery.

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