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10 star fathers with many children who have 4 or more offspring
10 star fathers with many children who have 4 or more offspring

The rapid pace of life and a lot of workload, it seems, should become an obstacle in order to acquire numerous heirs. However, celebrities think very differently. Famous men often make their choice towards the future and only welcome the birth of a sufficiently large number of children. In our selection, the most famous men in Russia who are the fathers of four or more children.

Evgeny Tsyganov, 8 children

Evgeny Tsyganov

For many years, the actor was in a de facto marriage with colleague Irina Leonova. During their life together, the couple had six children. By the time Eugene left the family for Yulia Snigir, Irina was carrying the actor's seventh child under her heart. In 2015, Irina Leonova gave birth to a girl, and in 2016 Yulia Snigir gave her common-law husband a son.

For several years, Yevgeny Tsyganov refused to comment on his personal life, especially since he was accused and condemned from all sides. Over the years, the situation returned to normal and it became clear: the actor does not leave children from his first marriage with his attention. He actively takes part in their upbringing and considers himself too soft dad, because he himself does not tolerate any coercion and believes that you need to negotiate with children, and not impose your will on them.

Vladimir Solovyov, 8 children

Vladimir Solovyov

Journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov is currently the happy husband of Elga Sepp and the father of their five children together. However, from the first marriage he has a son and a daughter, from the second - a daughter. The TV presenter never refused paternity, helped the ex-wives Olga and Yulia to raise their children and supported financially.

Andrey Konchalovsky, 7 children

Andrey Konchalovsky

Andrei Konchalovsky has officially registered his relationship with women five times. In the second marriage with Natalia Arinbasarova, the director's eldest son Yegor was born, who followed in his father's footsteps. Frenchwoman Vivian Godet gave Konchalovsky a daughter, Alexander. The consequence of a passionate romance between Konchalovsky and actress Irina Brazgovka was the birth of her daughter Daria in 1980. Announcer Irina Martynova gave birth to Andrei Sergeevich two more daughters. The youngest children Maria and Peter were born in the director's marriage with Yulia Vysotskaya.

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Ivan Okhlobystin, 6 children

Ivan Okhlobystin

The famous actor is not only a father of many children, but also an exemplary family man. In 2020, Ivan Okhlobystin and his wife Oksana (nee Arbuzova) will celebrate a silver wedding. They walk hand in hand together and raise six children. The actor and his wife are deeply religious people, therefore, traditional Christian values ​​are instilled in children.

The head of the family lovingly calls his wife the queen mother and takes pride in her ability to clean up their family carriage. In the Okhlobystins' house, all life is subject to certain rules, everyone has their own responsibilities. Ivan Okhlobystin tries to spend as much time with children as possible so that they can take both traditions and good memories from the family. And he also took from the heirs a promise to give birth to him at least five grandchildren.

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Sergey Gorobchenko, 6 children

Sergey Gorobchenko

The eldest son of actor Sergei Gorobchenko was born in a de facto marriage with a fellow student at LGITMiK Alexandra Florinskaya. They were together for seven years, but even after breaking up, they maintained a good relationship. In 2008, Sergei Gorobchenko married Polina Nevzorova, who bore him three sons and two daughters. At the same time, the actor never forgot about his eldest child and even took part in his graduation film when Gleb was graduating from school with a cinema.

For an actor, a very important point in relations with children is the observance of certain family rituals, which have already become a tradition.

Mikhail Efremov, 6 children

Mikhail Efremov

The actor and director has been officially married five times. The second wife of Mikhail Efremov, the philologist Asya Vorobyova, gave birth to his son Nikita, who later inherited the acting profession of his father. Evgenia Dobrovolskaya in 1991 gave birth to a son, Nikolai, and Ksenia Kachalina gave him a daughter, Anna-Maria, in 2000. In a marriage with sound engineer Sofya Kruglikova, three more children, two daughters and a son were born.

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Mikhail Porechenkov, 5 children

Mikhail Porechenkov

Officially, the actor was married twice, but in his youth he had an affair with Irina Lyubimtseva, who bore him a son. True, by the time the boy was born, Mikhail Porechenkov had already left for Moscow and found out that he had a son when Vladimir was already quite adult, and his mother had already died.

In the first official marriage of the actor, the daughter of Varvara was born. With his second wife Olga, Mikhail Porechenkov became the father of three more children.

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Alexey Kortnev, 5 children

Alexey Kortnev

The leader of the group "Accident" is now in a third marriage. The first time he married Irina Bogushevskaya, who gave him a son. In the second marriage with Julia Rutberg, the musician had no children, but the actress Elena Lanskaya gave birth to a son from Kortnev. For almost 17 years, the performer has been married to gymnast Amina Zaripova, with whom he has three children. Aleksey Kortnev admits that he realized the meaning of fatherhood too late. Only the wisdom and patience of his ex-wives allowed him not to lose contact with the children. Today he is proud of his title of father of many children.

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Andrey Arshavin, 4 children

Andrey Arshavin

Three children were born in a civil marriage between Andrei Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya. After leaving for Alice Kuzmina, the famous football player stopped communicating not only with his unofficial wife, but also with their children. Alisa Kuzmina became the first official wife of Arshavin and gave birth to his daughter Yesenia. Unfortunately, the official status did not protect this family from disintegration.

A year later, the couple parted, and the attempted reunion was unsuccessful. The troubles in the second family coincided with the time when Arshavin suddenly remembered his older children. Now he often spends time with them and proudly calls them his clones.

Andrey Merzlikin, 4 children

Andrey Merzlikin

The actor and director has been happily married to psychologist Anna Osokina for more than 13 years. In their marriage, two sons and two daughters were born, although initially the wife of Andrei Merzlikin planned to have only two children. The actor, despite his workload, tries to devote a lot of time to the family. The spouses compensate for the busy work schedule by traveling together, going to sports competitions and walking together. The star father confesses: he sometimes asks the children out of school to just skip school with them.

There is a stereotype that creativity requires complete dedication, while there can be no talk of any family and children. But it's not for nothing that they say: a talented person is talented in everything. Russian artists managed not only to paint their great canvases, but also to be quite happy husbands and fathers. Children, no matter how many there are, add special colors and new emotions to life.

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