The secret of transformation and other secrets of Anna Mikhalkova: What fans don't know about the actress
The secret of transformation and other secrets of Anna Mikhalkova: What fans don't know about the actress

Recently, the eldest daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov, Anna, has been constantly in the spotlight of the press: at 45, she looks better than at 35, and her recent work in the series "An Ordinary Woman" and "Storm" has earned a lot of approving reviews from film critics. What caused such dramatic changes in appearance, how she managed to find a balance between work and raising three children, and what inspires the actress to new roles - further in the review.

Anna Mikhalkova as a child

Since childhood, Anna has become accustomed to the increased attention of the press, because she is a representative of the fifth generation of a creative dynasty, known both in our country and abroad. She knew that her surname obliges a lot, she was set a high bar from an early age. Anna has repeatedly admitted that it was difficult to get out of the shadow of eminent relatives, but she never wanted to remain just “Mikhalkov’s daughter”. Anna spent all her childhood behind the scenes and on the set and even then decided that she would become an actress. For the first time, she appeared in front of the cameras at the age of 6 - then her father began to shoot the documentary "Anna", in which he captured the stages of growing up of his daughter from 6 to 18 years old.

Anna Mikhalkova in the film First Love, 1994

However, after graduating from school, Mikhalkova decided that she was not yet ready to enter a theater university, and for two years she studied art history in Switzerland. Returning to Moscow, she became a student of the acting department of VGIK and at the same time received a law degree at MGIMo. From her youth, Anna was used to hearing that she owes everything she has in life to her parents, but she does not deny this. Mikhalkova says that her parents taught her to be grateful and did the main thing: they gave her a good education and the opportunity to choose what she wants to do in life.

Still from the film The Barber of Siberia, 1998

Anna does not like to remember her first appearance on the screens in her father's documentary film, which won several film awards - she calls this work "cinematic exhibitionism" and "dissection of a single personality." Her debut in feature films took place at the age of 20 - she got the main role in the film by Roman Balayan "First Love". Four years later, Mikhalkova gained her first popularity - after she starred with her father in the drama "The Barber of Siberia", where she played the role of the village girl Dunyasha. This image largely determined her further creative destiny - the role of a simple Russian woman, modest and ingenuous, was firmly entrenched in her. Mikhalkova lamented: "".

Anna Mikhalkova in the film Face of French Nationality, 2000 Still from the movie Crazy Help, 2009

For a long time, Anna Mikhalkova found it difficult not only to overcome the framework of this role, but also to prove that she has every right to take her place in cinema, regardless of her famous father. Contrary to popular belief, Anna's creative potential was revealed not thanks to her father, as a result of cooperation with the director and screenwriter Avdotya Smirnova. Her drama "Communication", where the main roles were played by Anna Mikhalkova and Mikhail Porechenkov, enjoyed great success with the audience and brought the actress her first film award - "Golden Eagle". And 6 years later, in 2012, Mikhalkova played one of the main roles in Smirnova's film "Cococo". On "Kinotavr" the tragicomedy made a splash, Anna Mikhalkova and Yana Troyanova received awards for "Best Actress".

Anna Mikhalkova and Mikhail Porechenkov in the film Communication, 2006 Still from the film Cococo, 2012

Today, her filmography includes more than 70 works.Even the most severe critics no longer accuse Mikhalkova of getting into the cinema only thanks to her father's patronage. In addition, even while working on his paintings, the actress never received concessions. On the contrary, the director demanded more from her than from others. According to her, the main principle of the father in such situations is “Beat your own people so that others are afraid”. And outside the set, Nikita Mikhalkov always provided his daughter with help and support when she needed it, and did not annoy her with advice if it was not necessary.

Anna Mikhalkova in the film Life and Fate, 2012 Anna Mikhalkova in the film Particle of the Universe, 2017

Throughout her film career, Anna Mikhalkova never paused, although during this time she managed to get married, have three children, divorce her husband and return to him again. The crisis in family life came after 8 years of marriage and the birth of two sons - each of the spouses gave priority to work. But a year after the divorce, the couple reunited again, and in 2013 their third child was born - daughter Lydia. Actresses rarely decide to have children at the peak of popularity - someone is afraid to risk their careers, someone is afraid to spoil the figure. Anna Mikhalkova not only managed to find a balance between family life and work, but also bloom after the third birth. According to her mother, Tatyana Mikhalkova, Anna began to lose weight back in 2013 during pregnancy - she began to monitor her diet so as not to gain extra pounds, and after the birth of the child she began to work with a personal trainer.

Actress with her husband and sons Anna Mikhalkova

However, for the actress herself, her excess weight was never a problem - she knew that in her physique she went to her grandmother - Natalya Konchalovskaya, and that it is extremely difficult to fight nature. Mikhalkova did not pay attention to criticism about her appearance and reacted only to those words that could offend her loved ones. Anna accepted herself for who she was and did not seek to lose weight. Such a need appeared only after she began to have problems with pressure.

Actress before and after losing weight

As a result, the actress lost almost 20 kg and became noticeably younger and prettier. She herself commented on it like this: "". Mikhalkova admits that she now feels much more comfortable in her own body, but at the same time emphasizes that she is not going to torment herself with diets or excessive physical exertion.

Anna Mikhalkova in the series An Ordinary Woman, 2018 Recently, the actress has become noticeably younger and prettier

When asked how she manages to combine work and raising three children, Anna replies that in all difficult situations she is saved by a sense of humor, which, in her opinion, is more important than beauty, youth and everything else. And when asked about the secrets of raising three children, Anna confesses: "". The actress says that in her family, husband Albert and son Andrei are responsible for prudence, Anna herself and son Sergei are responsible for creativity, and the youngest daughter Lida, due to her young age, has not yet decided. But if Mikhalkova had to give up cinema for the sake of her family, she would have done it without hesitation, although so far such a need has not arisen.

Actress in 2014 and 2018

According to the actress, work and communication with loved ones have always helped her cope with internal problems and personal crises. She considers her younger sister Nadezhda to be her best friend, with whom she often spends her free time.

Anna and Nadezhda Mikhalkov Recently, the actress has become noticeably younger and prettier

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