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6 famous male actors and their female roles that brought them fame and success
6 famous male actors and their female roles that brought them fame and success
A brilliant embodiment of female images

It is known that in ancient times only men took part in theatrical performances, who had to play both male and female roles. However, even today, some actors have the experience of reincarnation. After filming, celebrities admit that it was difficult for them to play women, but interesting. The audience is watching with interest the wonderful transformation, noting how bizarre the actors look in their unusual roles.

Oleg Tabakov

Oleg Tabakov and his Miss Euphemia Andrew

Everyone remembers the oppressive nanny from the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye", which was so brilliantly played by Oleg Tabakov. For filming in the image of Miss Euphemia Andrew, the actor even built himself a golden fix. True, at the insistence of the director, she had to be abandoned. With a sparkling tooth, Mrs. Andrew looked more like a criminal than a respectable lady raising children. Nevertheless, in this role, Oleg Tabakov was so harmonious that it is difficult to imagine another actor in his place. At the same time, the master argued that for transforming into a woman, the main thing is not a complex make-up, but a certain mood.

Oleg Tabakov as a barmaid

But few people know about the other female role of the actor. In 1965, Sovremennik hosted the premiere of Always On Sale, directed by Oleg Efremov. Oleg Tabakov played several roles in it at once, including the barmaid Klavdia Ivanovna.

Alexander Kalyagin

Alexander Kalyagin and his Donna Rosa

It is impossible to forget the magnificent performance of Alexander Kalyagin as Babs Baberley, forced to turn into Donna Rosa in the film "Hello, I'm Your Aunt!" The actor recalled that while working on the film, the task was not just to get into character, but to show how men see a woman. But the actor had to get used to the female role with complete seriousness. Kalyagin especially remembered the moment when, in a buffet in Ostankino, in full female attire, he suddenly realized that a man had paid attention to him.

Alexander Kalyagin

Donna Rosa turned out to be a very original person. In it, according to Alexander Kalyagin, fit the features of the mother and aunt who raised him in childhood, as well as numerous sympathies and just casual acquaintances of the actor. He diligently got used to the image and tried to understand how women feel in their skirts, stockings, corsets and with war paint on their faces.

Georgy Millyar

Georgy Millyar and his Baba Yaga

When Alexander Rowe was looking for an actress for the role of Baba Yaga, it turned out that no woman could bring the director's idea to life. Having learned about the director's creative throwings, Georgy Millyar said that a woman should not play this role. And he offered to try himself.

Honored Baba Yaga

His Baba Yaga, embodied in several of Row's films at once, turned out to be truly magnificent. According to the actor, while working on the role, he played his neighbor in a communal apartment, angry, quarrelsome and grumpy. But in appearance they found the embodiment of the features of the old Greek woman, whom he once met in Yalta.

Andrey Mironov

Andrei Mironov - Mrs. Bikeley

A talented actor, a favorite of the audience and directors in the film "Three in a boat, not counting the dog" played six roles at once. One of them is Mrs. Bikley, an old woman suffering from multiple sclerosis. In the incarnation of Andrei Mironov, an elderly lady who appears on the screen for a short time was remembered and loved.

Andrey Mironov

Miss Bikely's slightly exaggerated emotions and attempts to recall pleasant moments of youth are played very naturally. Only the recognizable appearance of the beloved actor and his characteristic voice do not allow one to forget that the role is played by a man.

Fyodor Stukov

Fyodor Stukov - girl Irishka

Along with the roles of Tom Sawyer and Tommy from "Pippi Longstocking", the actor, as a child, had a chance to embody on the screen the image of the girl Irishka in Nikita Mikhalkov's film "Relatives". At the same time, many girls took part in the tests, but the director eventually offered her to Fedor.

Fyodor Stukov

The actor himself admits that it was easy for him to play, especially since a warm, almost family atmosphere reigned on the site, and Nikita Mikhalkov is so talented that it is simply impossible to play badly for him.

Andrey Danilko

Andrey Danilko - Verka Serduchka

The heroine of the Ukrainian stage was invented at a time when Andriy Danilko was a schoolboy. The prototype for his Verka Serduchka was his classmate Anna Serdyuk and the colorful cleaning lady Vera, who worked at the school where the future actor studied. Verka Serduchka, with her inexhaustible humor and enthusiasm, fell in love with the viewer and became popular in almost the entire post-Soviet space.

Yuri Stoyanov

Yuri Stoyanov

The famous actor has embodied in "Gorodok" more than three thousand female images. According to Yuri Stoyanov, before he began to transform into women in the frame, it seemed to him that he knew literally everything about women. After starting work on female characters, the actor came to the realization that he did not know anything at all. The only thing he is sure of is the huge difference between men and women, and women are always better than men, and all their vices come from love or from its absence.

And no matter how funny the female roles played by him in the miniatures of "Gorodok" were, in fact he played deeply unhappy, albeit very funny young ladies.

Courageous heroes of ancient myths were repeatedly forced by inexorable fate to take on a female guise. So, the sea goddess Thetis passed off her young son Achilles for a girl in order to protect him from death in the upcoming Trojan War. Hercules, in captivity with the queen Omphale, was forced to sit at a spinning wheel in a woman's dress. In real life, entire groups of men for various reasons acquired and are acquiring not only external, but also internal resemblance to women.

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