Hot air balloons set a record: 343 balloons in the sky of France
Hot air balloons set a record: 343 balloons in the sky of France
Hot air balloons-record holders: 343 balloons at the festival in France

Hot air balloons, or simply Balloons - an easy and beautiful way to the sky; that's why hundreds of festivals are dedicated to them (for example, the autumn balloon festival in Canberra). But nevertheless, the largest of them takes place in the homeland of the hot air balloon - in France, or rather, next to the military base. Chamblay-Bussieres… And it was there that on July 27 they put new world record for the number of balloons flying into the sky at the same time - one of the most beautiful records that can ever be.

Hot Air Balloon Festival at Chamblay Bussieres

Hot air balloon festival in Chamblay-Bussières (the historical region of Lorraine, therefore it is also called the "Festival of Lorraine") is held in honor of Pilatre de Rozier. This French aviation pioneer was the first in the world to fly to hot air balloon (hot air balloon) - a kind of Gagarin of the 18th century. Pilatre de Rozier and died like Gagarin - during an experimental flight, but the memory of him is still alive among the fans of aeronautics.

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Lorraine

The festival began in 1989. Ironically, then American, Russian, European and Chinese aeronautics gathered near the NATO base for one holiday. The sky has reconciled everyone: there is no iron curtain in the clouds. It was then that the traditions of friendship and camaraderie were laid - probably thanks to such an atmosphere, this year's record flight took place.

Hot air balloons at the Lorraine Festival 2011

343 hot air balloons is just 15 icons on paper, and an unprecedented sight in the sky. The last time they tried to break the record (then it was 329 balloons) was in 2005: then they managed to lift a lot of balloons into the sky, but still a little bit was not enough. Every year there are more and more pilots: the festival in Chamblay-Bussieres is a place where guests from 67 countries share their experience, talk about new ball construction and promote their hobby.

Hot air balloons of different shapes and colors

Flights are carried out both at night and during the day, and in between - seminars, interesting meetings, exhibitions. The simultaneous take-off of all participants is the culmination of the festival. The sky, decorated with hundreds of hot air balloons of all colors and shapes, looks incredibly solemn - as if God himself had released an armful of balloons from his hands.

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