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The first months of the war: Photos taken by the military in the summer of 1941
The first months of the war: Photos taken by the military in the summer of 1941
Unique photographs taken at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War

On June 22, 1941, fascist Germany treacherously attacked the Soviet Union. The peaceful life of millions of people ended, and it was replaced by terrible months of pain and death. And today, photographs taken by war correspondents in the early days of the war evoke special feelings. These black and white images are a vivid reminder of something that should never happen again.

1. Latest news

Residents of Leningrad at the window of the Leningrad branch of the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union "Latest News"

2. The attack on Dorogobuzh

A camouflaged German artillery gun near Smolensk in 1941

After the defeat of the main forces of the Soviet Western Front in the Battle of Bialystok-Minsk, the German mobile forces of Army Group Center reached the Western Dvina near Vitebsk and Mogilev. The Smolensk battle began on July 10-12 with the offensive of the mobile formations of the 4th Army of the Wehrmacht in two wedges on Vitebsk and Mogilev. In a new offensive in the Moscow direction, the German command hoped to achieve decisive success. The general plan provided for the division of the Soviet defense front into three parts, the encirclement and liquidation of the Polotsk-Nevelsk, Smolensk and Mogilev groupings of the Western Front and the creation of favorable conditions for an unhindered offensive against Moscow.

3. Desperate resistance of the Soviet troops

An anti-aircraft gun hits German tanks with direct fire in 1941

From July 1941, 37-mm automatic anti-aircraft guns 61-K, along with 85-mm guns 52-K, were included in the anti-tank regiments of the Reserve of the Supreme High Command. These regiments were armed with eight 37 mm and eight 85 mm anti-aircraft guns. During the war, 37-mm automatic anti-aircraft guns were often used for firing at ground targets.

4. Soviet light armored vehicles

A column of armored vehicles BA-20M is put forward to combat positions in August 1941

5. Children in a makeshift bunker

Children are hiding from the bombing in the Vitebsk region in July 1941

6. Military parade in honor of the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution

Parade on Red Square in Moscow, November 7, 1941

The military parade held during the Moscow battle, when the front line passed only a few tens of kilometers from the city, in terms of the impact on the course of events, is equivalent to the most important military operation. It was of great importance in raising the morale of the army and the entire country, showing the whole world that Moscow is not surrendering, and the army's morale is not broken.

7. Line of fortifications

Defensive line around Moscow in December 1941

By the beginning of December 1941, the fortification line was completed from the Moskva River in the area of ​​the Krylatskoye village through the western outskirts of Kuntsevo and to Tsaritsyno.

8. Evacuation of livestock

Mass evacuation of livestock through Moscow in 1941

9. Meeting at the Leningrad Kirov Plant

A meeting at the Kirov plant in Leningrad about the beginning of the war. USSR, Leningrad, 1941

10. The first German losses on Soviet soil

The first day of the war in Przemysl

The first day of the war in Przemysl and the first German losses on Soviet soil. German troops occupied the border town on June 22, the next morning the Red Army and border guards liberated it, holding it until June 27.

It seems strange today why did german soldiers wear horned helmets… But historians are sure that they had their own reasons for this.

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