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What were the popular Soviet singers at the beginning of their careers and what do they look like today
What were the popular Soviet singers at the beginning of their careers and what do they look like today
Then and now: Laima Vaikule

All of them shone on the stage 30, 40, or even 50 years ago. But can you tell by looking at them. They are still talented and just as good today. Sometimes it seems that time simply has no power over these ladies.

1. Roxana Babayan (72 years old)

The Soviet pop singer today looks flawless and actively defends the rights of our smaller brothers

2. Svetlana Razina (56 years old)

The pop singer and ex-soloist of the Mirage group over the years began to look even better, though not without the help of plastic surgeons

3. Edita Piekha (81 years old)

The forever young famous singer and actress looks great and does not hide at all that she is resorting to plastic surgery

4. Ekaterina Semenova (57 years old)

The 1980s star takes care of her skin thoroughly, although she admits that she sometimes has to resort to "beauty injections"

5. Elena Kamburova (78 years old)

Despite her advanced age, the Russian singer and actress looks great and continues to inspire her fans

6. Tamara Gverdtsiteli (56 years old)

This Georgian pop singer and beautiful woman always looks great and believes that the beauty of a woman lies in her individuality

7. Lada Dance (49 years old)

The jazz singer and actress is very careful about her figure and appearance, while actively using Botox injections

8. Larisa Dolina (63 years old)

Looking through the latest pictures from the Instagram of the talented Russian artist, the fans came to the conclusion that plastic surgeons have tried over the rejuvenated face of the Valley

10. Nadezhda Chepraga (62 years old)

The Moldavian pop singer, unlike other stars, is not fond of plastic surgery

11.Nani Bregvadze (82 years old)

The Georgian beauty agrees that feminine beauty should be preserved, but, according to her, everything should be done in moderation

12. Alla Pugacheva (69 years old)

The famous singer has repeatedly used the services of plastic surgeons to preserve her youth and beauty

13. Sofia Rotaru (71 years old)

It is known that the Soviet singer underwent plastic surgery twice, but it’s hard not to admit that she still looks great

14. Margarita Sukhankina (54 years old)

Not so long ago, a pop and opera singer underwent plastic surgery, which allowed her to get rid of annoying wrinkles

And it happens that the desire to look 100% does not lead to good. Just look what do stars look like today, whose career ended after plastic surgery.

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