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King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and His Latin American Love: When Feelings Are Stronger than an Entire Parliament
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and His Latin American Love: When Feelings Are Stronger than an Entire Parliament
Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander

At the time of the first meeting, Maxim Sorregueta did not even know that a real prince was standing in front of her. Their love passed through many obstacles and prejudices, managed to overcome the resistance of the whole parliament and lead the lovers to happiness.

Prince Willem-Alexander

Newborn Willem-Alexander with his parents

From the very birth it was clear that he would become king. Prince of Orange, heir to the Dutch throne, Willem-Alexander was born into the family of Princess Beatrix and her husband, Prince Charles on April 27, 1962.

Prince of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander 1974

Like any crown prince, Willem-Alexander has been trained for the role of king since childhood. Baarn High School, Lyceum, First Open Christian Lyceum in The Hague, Atlantic College in Great Britain, Leiden University - this is a list of those educational institutions that the future king graduated from. At the university, he successfully studied history.

Prince Willem-Alexander in his youth

In addition to training, the future king needed some experience in government, so he served in the Royal Dutch Navy and trained in government institutions. In addition, the prince, in addition to his native Dutch, speaks three foreign languages: Spanish, German and English.


By virtue of his origin, at the age of 18, Willem-Alexander began his activities in the State Council of the Netherlands, at the same time he began to represent the Royal House of the Netherlands at official events.

Prince Willem-Alexander with his parents

With a rather tight schedule of study and work, the young prince found time for ordinary entertainment, not alien to mere mortals. For example, for his special love for beer during his student years, he was popularly nicknamed Prince Pils.

Prince Willem-Alexander in his youth

And the whole country watched his numerous novels with bated breath, waiting for which of his romantic affections would be awarded the title of princess and lawful wife. Sometimes it seemed to his future subjects that Willem-Alexander would never marry, as he would never take seriously his upcoming ascension to the Dutch throne. However, when real feelings enter the scene, everything changes. And after meeting true love, Willem-Alexander changed a lot.

Maxima Sorreguieta Cerruti

Maxima Sorreguieta Cerruti as a child

Maxima was born on May 17, 1971 in Buenos Aires, where she grew up, graduated from high school and then from the Faculty of Economics of the Argentine Catholic University.

Immediately after graduating, she researched software for financial markets, then sold securities at a Boston company, and at the same time gave English and mathematics lessons to everyone.

Maxima Sorreguieta Cerruti in his youth, 1994

Then Maxima Sorreguieta chose the banking sector for her activities, where she achieved some success, becoming Vice President of Sales for Latin America in the New York branch of the Banking Corporation of Hong Kong and Shanghai. It was at this time that fate gave her a meeting with a real prince.

Love at first sight

Willem-Alexander and Maxima

They first met at a mutual friend's party in Seville, Spain, during the 1999 Spring Carnival. Willem-Alexander introduced himself to Maxima only by name, so she did not even realize that in front of her was a real, titled crown prince and future king. And Alexander's confession made her laugh for a long time at what she thought was a good joke. Imagine the girl's surprise when she found out that her new acquaintance was indeed the future monarch.

Willem-Alexander and Maxima

However, a fleeting acquaintance did not particularly excite the girl, she always had enough worries and hassles not to attach importance to such trifles. Soon she herself forgot about the prince.

Willem-Alexander and Maxima

But Willem-Alexander could not forget his casual acquaintance. Therefore, soon he was already flying to New York, where Maxima lived and worked. However, she did not even immediately recognize him at the time of the second meeting.

Dear love

Prince of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander and Maxima

And then a pleasant period of not too frequent dating and getting to know each other began. At the same time, Maxima did not dare to admit to her parents for a long time that her chosen one was the heir to the Dutch throne.

Willem-Alexander and Maxima

To be closer to her lover, Maxima in 2000 went to work at Deutsche Bank in Belgium. And already in March 2001 she received a marriage proposal from the Prince of Orange. He changed a lot from the moment he met Maxima, became much more serious about his duties and categorically forgot about his reputation as a womanizer and heartthrob.

Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince Willem Alexander, his bride Maxima and husband Beatrix, Prince Claus

Lovers and procedural difficulties awaited when they decided to legalize their relationship. The Dutch parliamentarians refused to give permission for this marriage, citing the refusal by the fact that Maxima's father was the Minister of Agriculture during the dictatorship of Videla, one of the bloodiest Latin American rulers.

Willem-Alexander and Maxima

At this moment, Willem-Alexander firmly declared that he was rather ready to renounce the throne than from his beloved. However, the way out to the lovers was prompted by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Wim Kok. He stated that the daughter could not be responsible for her father. But Maxima had to refuse his father's invitation to the wedding, and in the future he had no right to visit the Netherlands, about which she signed the corresponding protocol.

Queen Beatrix immediately fell in love with Maxima

The future princess herself fell in love with the whole royal house, and the reigning queen Beatrix began to teach the future princess all the intricacies of protocol etiquette, carefully guiding and instructing the future daughter-in-law. In parallel, Maxima adopted the faith of her husband, studied the language and cultures of her new homeland.

Happiness for two

Lovers and happy

Their wedding took place on February 2, 2002, with all the befitting ceremonies and procedures. From that day on, Maxima became the princess of the Netherlands, and after the abdication of Queen Beatrix - the queen of the Netherlands, the first queen consort.

And they ascended the throne hand in hand

The subjects of King Willem-Alexander did not immediately, but fell in love with their queen for an open disposition and a benevolent smile.

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and their three daughters Katarina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariana

The King and Queen of the Netherlands never cease to delight with their relationship. They always and everywhere appear together, radiating love and glowing with happiness. At the same time, next to them are their three daughters Katarina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariana.

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