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A look through the years: How the Soviet actors who starred in the Soviet comedy "Girls" have changed
A look through the years: How the Soviet actors who starred in the Soviet comedy "Girls" have changed
Actors who played in the comedy film "Girls"

The Soviet comedy "Girls" is a unique film, if only because there is not a single negative character in it. Perhaps this made this picture popular with the people. For the first time, the film was released on March 7, 1962, and literally immediately became the leader of the box office, gathering more than 35 million viewers, and the actors who starred in this film became popular throughout the vast country.

1. Anatoly Mikhailovich Adoskin

In the track record of Anatoly Mikhailovich, there are more than 60 remarkable roles, mainly the actor plays kind and naive characters who are not capable of mean and contradictory actions

2. Inna Vladimirovna Makarova

The famous Soviet and Russian film actress, People's Artist of the USSR, the most significant works are the films "Young Guard", "Height" and "Girls"

3. Luciena Ivanovna Ovchinnikova (09/10/31 - 01/08/1999)

The image that the actress recreated on the screen in the film "Girls" is still loved by the public

4.Mikhail Ivanovich Pugovkin (07/13/1923 - 07/25/2008)

An actor, whose track record includes dozens of memorable roles, for Pugovkin there simply did not exist characters that he could not play

5. Nadezhda Vasilievna Rumyantseva (09.09.1930 - 08.04.2008)

The star of Soviet cinema, People's Artist of the RSFSR, many heroes of wonderful films spoke in her voice

6. Nikolay Nikolaevich Pogodin (11/18/1930 - 12/15/2003)

The talented actor, whose star caught fire in the 50s of the last century, mainly played secondary roles, but even insignificant characters in his performance turned out to be bright and harezmatic

7. Nina Evgenievna Menshikova (08/08/1928 - 11/26/2007)

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, she gained wide popularity thanks to the role of Vera Timofeevna Kruglova in the famous film "Girls"

8. Nikolay Nikolaevich Rybnikov (11/13/1930 - 10/22/1990)

One of the most outstanding and brilliant Soviet actors, starring in the title role of lumberjack Ilya Kovrigin in the cult film "Girls" Rybnikov became a superstar of Russian cinema

9. Svetlana Sergeevna Druzhinina

Legendary actress who became famous in the domestic cinema thanks to her acting talent and numerous directorial works

10.Viktor Alekseevich Baikov (10.11.1922 - 03.07.1993)

In the cinema, the actor played supporting roles, made his debut in the film "Girls"

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