The photographer arranged a photo session for the couple, who have been together for 72 years, to show what true love looks like
The photographer arranged a photo session for the couple, who have been together for 72 years, to show what true love looks like

True love … What is it and does it exist? We are all looking for an answer to this question. There are also lucky ones who know him. What is the secret to the strength and longevity of a happy love relationship? In joy and sorrow, illness and health, poverty and wealth … three quarters of a century of true beauty of true feelings!

We are taught from childhood to follow the call of the heart. But feelings are so ephemeral and fleeting … True love can be compared with a guiding star, it always illuminates our life path. What storms and storms would not ruffle our life's boat - you can always rely on the one you have chosen to walk together through life.

Mel and Vera on their wedding day

She was only eighteen when she first saw him in the hospital. He only recently returned from military service during World War II as a royal engineer. Vera then decided to win Mel's heart by all means and she succeeded! They have been together for seventy-two years now. Four years of courtship and sixty-eight years of a happy marriage. Vera is now ninety, and Mel is ninety-five.

72 years of marriage did not survive their love at all

When asked what is the secret of their happy marriage, they say: "Always support each other!" Nobody says that living together is cloudless and endless happiness. No. Love is hard work, mutual work for the benefit of another.

The main secret is to always support each other

Mel and Vera overcame a lot of obstacles and difficulties in their lives, but remained true to themselves and to each other. Even now, having experienced forced social distancing from their children and grandchildren, they have experienced it together. The couple are confident that the ability to lean on each other was their greatest blessing in life.

The couple had to endure isolation away from their children and grandchildren They can always lean on each other in difficult times

Love is not just a sudden overwhelming emotion. True feeling is not always inspiring and looks beautiful. This is often something not very cute and smelling like flowers. Love is weariness, the rolled up sleeves of dirty hands wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Love is not only about beauty, flowers and romance

True love requires a lot and gives even more. This is the mutual ability to forgive, understand, take responsibility at the right time, comfort, inspire. Love is hard. This feeling has very little in common with what we feel on our wedding day. That is why it is incomparably better. Stronger and more beautiful.

True love is hard everyday work Vera and Mel aren't perfect

Vera and Mel carried their feelings to each other throughout their lives, not because they are perfect. This is absolutely not the case. It's just that whenever they had problems, they chose love. If you love the person around you, just get ready to work. Hard to work. You will be rewarded. And these will be the sweetest fruits in your life.

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