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Where did Tatyana Lazareva disappear: Truth and fiction about the end of a career and the ruined marriage of a TV presenter
Where did Tatyana Lazareva disappear: Truth and fiction about the end of a career and the ruined marriage of a TV presenter

This actress and TV presenter, who recently celebrated her 55th birthday, 30 years ago was known as the KVN player of the Major League champion team, 20 years ago - as a participant in the comedy show "OSP-Studio" and an actress in the comedy project "33 square meter”, 10 years ago - as the face of the STS TV channel. Recently, almost nothing has been heard about her, only from time to time there have been rumors about her divorce from Mikhail Shats, then about a dangerous illness, then about the intention to commit suicide, then about emigration to Spain. What really made her leave television and which of these rumors are true - further in the review.

Tatiana Lazareva in her youth

Tatiana Lazareva's childhood passed in the Academgorodok of Novosibirsk. Her parents were teachers for whom the profession was a vocation. The artist said: "".

Artist on stage

Tatyana herself did not like school, she studied somehow, but she was happy to go to a music school and was engaged in creativity: she played the violin, guitar and piano, sang well. Once her performance at a school concert was seen by one of her father's former students and invited Tatiana to become a member of the Amigo political song ensemble, with which she began touring throughout the country.

Actress and TV presenter Tatyana Lazareva

Lazareva tried to enter the vocal department at the universities of Moscow and Novosibirsk, but failed the exams. For 2 years she studied at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Novosibirsk Pedagogical Institute, but left there after they refused to give her a characterization for touring with the ensemble. Then Tatyana entered the correspondence department of the Kemerovo Institute of Culture, but even here she was much more interested in student club events and skits than her studies. There they immediately drew attention to her artistry and sense of humor and was invited to the KVN team of Novosibirsk University. From that moment on, a new era began in her life.

Time of KVN and television

Tatyana Lazareva during her participation in KVN

The artist herself has repeatedly said that KVN became her main school and university. She was part of the NSU team in the early 1990s. twice became the champion of the Higher League of KVN, played in the CIS national team and in the team "There are only girls in jazz". In the same period, the charismatic actress with a memorable appearance was offered to play a cameo role in the cinema, and in the mid-1990s. she started working in television.

Tatyana Lazareva in the series 33 square meters

Together with colleagues from KVN, they created a humorous sketch show “Once a week”, which later became “OSP-studio”. Soon all the project participants - Tatyana Lazareva, Mikhail Shats, Pavel Kabanov, Sergey Belogolovtsev, Andrey Bocharov - turned into real TV stars that the whole country knew. Later, they all became the creators and actors of the comedy series "33 square meters", which was broadcast on television for 7 years.

Mikhail Shats and Tatiana Lazareva in the Good Jokes program

In 1998, Lazareva became the host of the culinary television show "You Lick Your Fingers," in 2002, "OSP-Studio" moved to STS, and Tatiana soon actually became the face of this TV channel. The most popular was the humorous program "Good Jokes", which Lazareva hosted together with Mikhail Shats from 2004 to 2011. For this show they received "TEFI". In addition, Lazareva hosted the program "Is this my child ?!" and "Two Stars" and starred in films and TV series.

End of the TV era

Host of the show Is this my baby ?!

In 2011the management of the TV channel suddenly, without explaining the reasons, terminated the contract with the presenter. For many viewers, this was a complete surprise, because for many years she was actually the face of STS. According to her fans, the reason for the "expulsion" was Lazareva's participation in rallies, where she harshly criticized the current government, and that she joined the Opposition Coordination Council.

Tatiana Lazareva in the film Star Pile, 2011

However, Lazareva was not going to put an end to her career. Together with her husband, they hosted the morning broadcasts of the Silver Rain radio, in 2013 the couple began to master the YouTube platform, however, their first project, Television on Knee, was not very popular with viewers. In 2018, Lazareva became the host of the music project "Pro Cover", where they organized battles of cover groups, in 2019 she launched her interview show "Lazareva here". In addition, the artist continued to act in films from time to time, released two books and a music CD, and took up charity work.

Errors of youth and marriage with Mikhail Shats

Tatiana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats

The artist admitted that in her youth she had many novels. At the age of 25, she decided that she had stayed too long in brides, and married businessman Alexander Drugov. But a few months after the magnificent wedding, their marriage broke up, because the stamp in the passport did not change her attitude towards her husband, whom she really did not love. Later, the artist called her first marriage "a monstrous mistake, fortunately, fixable." In 1995, Lazareva gave birth to a son, Stepan, from a man, about whom she only said that he "disappeared immediately after conception." 3 years later, on her son's birthday, she signed with Mikhail Shats, who had been in love with her for a long time. The couple had two daughters. For a long time, the artists were called one of the strongest and most harmonious couples in the world of show business, but soon everything changed.

Tatiana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats

For the first time, rumors about their separation appeared in 2016, when Tatyana, along with her youngest daughter, flew to Spain, and Mikhail remained in Moscow, where he continued to work on television and act as a stand-up artist. In 2018, the artist said in an interview that she and her husband were “living some kind of new life separately”. The press immediately started talking about the fact that Schatz sent his wife "into exile" not by chance, that their marriage was bursting at the seams.

Artist with her husband and children

Soon, the artists dispelled all doubts: they announced that they were not going to leave, and Tatiana lived in Spain while their youngest daughter studied there. At every opportunity, Mikhail flew to them, and they visited Russia. In 2018, they celebrated their 20th anniversary of family life by going on an overseas trip together. The only thing that poisoned the artist's life was health problems. Even before the move, Lazareva was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a serious illness that brought her to moral and physical exhaustion. The artist admitted that due to constant pain and depression, she even thought about taking her own life. She managed to overcome depression, but the disease still periodically makes itself felt.

Tatiana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats

At 55, Tatyana Lazareva is absolutely sure: you can't give up under any circumstances, and the completion of one stage always means the beginning of a new one. No one saw her tears, in public she still radiates joy and optimism as she did 30 years ago, and her attitude towards difficulties can serve as an example for many. The artist says: "".

Actress and TV presenter Tatyana Lazareva

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