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Why the legendary Frenchwoman Mireille Mathieu twice escaped from under the aisle and never found personal happiness
Why the legendary Frenchwoman Mireille Mathieu twice escaped from under the aisle and never found personal happiness

She conquered the whole world with her voice and unique manner of performance, millions of spectators applauded her, and the Soviet Union became love for her at first sight. Mireille Mathieu admired her talent, sophistication and style. The singer had many fans, she was credited with novels with the most famous people. Anyway, her personal life was fanned with an aura of rumors and speculation. She preferred to be silent about what remained outside the stage. Mireille Mathieu always dreamed of great true love, but twice escaped from under the aisle.

See the goal

Mireille Mathieu

A sophisticated Frenchwoman does not like to talk about personal things, but with pleasure and invariable warmth she talks about her family and about a difficult childhood. Because despite all the poverty, she grew up in an atmosphere of incredible love and goodwill. Her father was a simple stonecutter, while her mother took care of the children, who were 14. Mireille recalled how her mother said that she was resting only in the maternity hospital.

Mireille was the eldest in the family, and therefore very quickly began to help her mother with housekeeping. But she did not like school desperately. The future star was dyslexic, and besides, she was left-handed, and the teachers were not even going to delve into the problems of a girl from a poor family. They insulted her and tried to teach her to write with her right hand, but she desperately resisted and every time in the class she sat down at the back desk so as to be less noticeable and not draw attention to herself.

Mireille Mathieu

At the age of 13, she left school and went to work in a factory where envelopes were glued. At the age of 16, she first took part in the vocal competition "Songs of Our Quarter", which was held by the Municipality of Avignon, but she was able to win only the third time. And at the age of 19 she went on a trip to Paris paid for by the city authorities. She appeared on The Game of Fortune TV show seven times before being spotted by impresario Johnny Stark. It was he who played a major role in her life and career. He, like Pygmalion, fashioned his Galatea from a modest girl from a poor family. As a result, the delightful Mireille Mathieu was born. Perhaps his words determined her future loneliness.

runaway Bride

Mireille Mathieu and Paul Anka

Once Mireille Mathieu performed in a duet with the famous Canadian-American singer Paul Anka. Rumors immediately arose about his affair with a talented Frenchwoman. But, according to journalist Viktor Martynov, who knew Johnny Stark and Mireille Mathieu personally, the impresario made the singer prioritize her life.

The singer later admits that Johnny discovered her the formula for success. He said: “When a person is in love, he does not eat, does not sleep, and does not work. And to become the best, you don't need to be in love. You have to eat, sleep and work. " This became an iron rule for Mireille for life. Although in the future men will appear next to the singer. True, none of them will ever be honored to become the husband of the great Mireille Mathieu.

Mireille Mathieu and Johnny Stark

The singer has always been amazed at the number of rumors that arise from scratch. According to them, Mathieu had affairs with Prince Charles and Alain Delon, Charlie Chaplin and some doctor, whom she even allegedly married.Her greatest love was called all the same Johnny Stark, although the singer in all her interviews called him her second father.

Mireille Mathieu

In fact, Mireille Mathieu set the date for her upcoming marriage twice. For the first time, a rich businessman became her chosen one. Allegedly, the matter was already going to the wedding, but the man made a huge mistake: putting the engagement ring on his beloved's finger, he asked if Mireille would leave singing when they had children. The performer's attempts to defend her right to the work of her life led only to a small concession. The future husband allowed her to sing, but only for him. Mireille was not ready for such a sacrifice.

Mireille Mathieu and Olivier Echaudmaison

Later, when Mathieu appeared several times at social events with Olivier Eshodmeison, creative director of Guerlain, they began to talk about the singer's upcoming wedding. Insiders claimed that a wedding dress had already been ordered for her. But at some point, for unclear reasons, she again escaped from the crown. Traditionally keeping silent and refusing to comment on their personal life.

Love without sacrifice

Mireille Mathieu

Mireille Mathieu, when asked whether there was unrequited love in her life, speaks of complex love. And she hastens to assure: she had the happiness of loving and being loved. And she did not at all sacrifice her personal life to the stage. She wanted to be successful and sing for the whole world.

She dreamed of giving her loved ones everything they needed, and she did it. In fact, Mireille Mathieu still provides for her entire huge family, her brothers, sisters, nephews and grand-nephews. It was she who pulled them all out of poverty, and also gave her mother, who passed away at 94, a happy, carefree old age. Unfortunately, my father died much earlier, but in the last years of his life he also did not know the need for anything.

Mireille Mathieu

According to Mireille Mathieu, Johnny Stark also had nothing to do with the fact that she never got married. It was her own, conscious and balanced decision. She truly believes: love is when two people look in the same direction. She simply did not meet such a person …

"Paris Tango" - one of the most popular songs from the repertoire of Mireille Mathieu. The French singer's recordings have sold 133 million albums and over 55 million singles worldwide for a total of around $ 190 million.

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