How love and care turned an abandoned shabby kitten into an Internet star
How love and care turned an abandoned shabby kitten into an Internet star

Nur Hamiza from Malaysia loves animals. Recently, the girl found a kitten in her backyard under the car. However, this unfortunate thin creature could hardly even be called a kitten: the fur was crawling out, the skin was sore … Who would have thought that it would not take even six months for this foundling to turn into a gorgeous aristocratic cat with snow-white fluffy fur. Truly love, care and patience work wonders!

As the owner now recalls, at the moment when she found the cat under the car, she looked so bad that she was not sure if she would survive. Infections, fungus, open sores and wounds on the body, fleas and other "gifts" left her almost no chance. Plus, it was very dirty and gave off an eerie odor. But the greatest concern was the leg: a serious wound required urgent veterinary attention.

Nur Khamiza took the unfortunate kitty home, began to take care of her and gave her all her love and tenderness. She named her new pet Meimei.

The cat, as if begging her to save her, climbed into the box herself

- Meimei looked at me as if begging me to save her. She looked lonely and lost and wanted so much to be helped that I didn't even have to catch her: the cat itself came up to me and climbed into the box prepared for her, - says Nur.

I can't even believe that this thin, half-bald creature has turned into a snow-white beauty

An examination by a veterinarian showed that the kitten weighs only two kilograms. Nur then decided for herself: "If Meimei survives, it will be familiar to me and I will love her and take care of her for the rest of my life."

Gradually, the cat began to grow overgrown with wool and turn into a beauty This is how Meimei became thanks to her savior

Within five months, Meimei was transformed beyond recognition. Instead of a shabby creature, which was even scary to look at, a beautiful cat with gorgeous white fur appeared to the world.

Meimei turned out to be incredibly beautiful

Now, exactly one year has passed since Meimei was rescued. The cat weighs about six kilograms. Her health is back to normal. And the beauty behaves like a real princess. Her favorite activities are sleeping, eating and walking, and she also loves to play. Now, when you look at her, you can't even tell that she is a mongrel - such a gorgeous cat is the very place at the exhibition!

The kitty found a carefree life with a loving mistress

According to the hostess, Meimei is still afraid of strangers (she hides at the sight of a stranger), but she treats household members, as well as family friends, with great tenderness and trust. And she also loves to be taken in her arms and hugged.

Meimei loves to eat, sleep and walk

Meanwhile, Meimei has already become a real star. Several Western publications wrote about her at once, and one of the well-known cat food companies invited her to pose for advertising. Well, Nur and Meimei's Facebook page already has thousands of subscribers.

Meimei has become a commercial star

- I am always ready to save our smaller brothers in trouble and take care of them. If I see a helpless animal on the street, I definitely won't pass by! - says Nur Khamiza.

Human love works such miracles!

The fate of Meimei can hardly leave anyone indifferent, because so many people in the world adore cats. By the way, one student so wanted to have a kitten that she set herself the goal of drawing 100 cats from memes.

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