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Real stories of people who survived the loss of their pets and are confident that they are in heaven
Real stories of people who survived the loss of their pets and are confident that they are in heaven

Many of us have had to lose our pets in this life. When our beloved pets die, we look for any signs, even the smallest ones, that tell us they are in a much better place. When we grieve, it helps a lot. Do not despair! There is a legend about the "rainbow bridge" where our beloved pets go and where we will eventually meet with them. Moreover, there are people who saw their pets after their death in the truest sense of the word … in heaven!

Lucy Ledgway was nineteen years old when her beloved dog, Sunny, who had lived in their family for a decade and a half, died. The girl was so upset, she endlessly prayed that God would show her that everything is all right with her beloved where he is now. A few hours later, a young Yorker saw the face of her Parson Russell Terrier in the clouds. She photographed it and posted it on Twitter. Its publication received over one hundred thousand likes in a matter of hours and went viral. People who have experienced this at one time began to share their stories.

Lucy and Sunny were so happy together

Professor Kang Li of the University of Toronto believes that this is a phenomenon called pareidolia, when people see familiar faces or figures in inanimate objects.

When Lucy saw Sunny in the sky, the woman was sitting in the same car seat where the dog suffered a seizure and passed away just a few hours ago. The clouds very accurately formed the dog's face just at the moment when Lucy and her boyfriend drove past Clifton Ings, where Sunny loved to walk so much.

A few hours after her death, Lucy saw Sunny in the clouds

Lucy said that she laughed to herself at that moment and thought "this is my girl" when she saw Sunny's face. She said she was confident that in this way her dog let the family know that she was okay. According to Lucy, her boyfriend couldn't believe what they both saw. She added that it was a very special moment that they will always cherish.

People have responded to Lucy's message by sharing similar stories about their pets

A girl under the name MA shares: "It was exactly the same with me when my boy died."

It's so hard to lose your favorites

Jennifer says, “Oh my God! It was the same with me this April, when our baby left us. Our whole family loved her, it was such a grief!"

Jennifer was relieved to see her pet

A young man named Taylor says: “When my boy left this world, three days later, on my way to work, I saw him in heaven! I remember him every day of my life!"

Taylor remembers her favorite every minute

Erica: “Same story! When my Gigi left, I cried a lot, probably more than ever in my life! It was a relief for me to think that now she is in a much better place."

Erica has never cried as much in her life as when she lost her Gigi

Akim says: “I never believed in any signs or the other world. When my beloved dog was sick, she came to me and I took this photo, I did not know that the next day she would die. This is her last picture with me. The next morning she was gone. I believe that she is on the "rainbow bridge" and she is good."

Akim believes that his favorite is now well

Amy says that her friend is in heaven now and that they will meet after death.

Amy smiled for the first time since her pet died when she saw this

Lea Liman says: “I am very sorry that you have lost your favorite. I have experienced the same thing recently.My cat died and the next day I saw this rainbow. I've never seen her here. I believe that my girl is there and she is happy."

My girl on the rainbow!

I wonder if emotionally stressed people can more often see the faces of their pets in the nature around them? According to Professor Lee, he is not aware of any scientific research that traumatic or emotional experiences make people more likely to see faces where they are not. However, he added that this could be a future direction for detailed study.

Professor Lee believes that "the ability to reflect on the deceased is known to have a positive effect." He added that owners who see their pets' faces all over the place are most likely indicative of "some kind of mental state, such as grief or anxiety."

Pareidolia suggests that our brain is very sensitive and anticipates encounters with objects in the environment that are biologically or socially important to us. Professor Lee also adds: “For some people, the expectations of their frontal cortex for certain objects (eg, faces) become so high that they see these faces in many situations when they do not actually exist. This is totally normal. These people are all right. Pareidolia is different from paranoia, delusion, or abnormal vision in people with psychosis. In fact, recent research shows that people with pareidolia tend to be more creative. In addition, people who are religious can also see the faces of various saints on various inanimate objects."

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