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20 funny pictures of cats that don't like hugs
20 funny pictures of cats that don't like hugs

Imagine returning home after a long and tiring day at work. All you dream of is peace and quiet. You make yourself a cup of fragrant tea or a soulful mug of hot chocolate, and you turn on relaxing music. To make the evening of bliss complete, you start looking for your cat. You just need to hug your beloved, warm and cute furry. It was not there! The Fuzzy does not want to be squeezed and stroked. The most striking and amusing cases of the feline eloquent "no", further in the review.

Cats are not as cute as we imagine

Please, not that!

Cats quite often deny their owners their seemingly legal right to caress their pet. Yes, they are incredibly wayward animals. Most of the time - they are the sweetest of all creatures in the world. But it happens in this fluffy lump the beast wakes up in a damn bad mood. The consequences are completely unpredictable!

Someone save me from her!

If you are fortunate enough to capture these funny and extremely emotional moments, hurry up to share with your fellow misfortune mates. Felines' dislike of cuddling when they are not in the mood will surely improve your mood.

No, man, I don't want your love!

Ingrid Johnson, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and Founder of Fundamentally Feline, says: “Every cat's need for physical touch is a completely unique quality. In those moments when we do not notice that our cats do not like to cuddle at all, they can bite or scratch us."

Stop hugging me. I am trying to call support

“Some cats have some degree of hyperesthesia and are actually hypersensitive to touch. This can lead to uncontrolled aggression. Therefore, it is advisable for the owners not to bring them to a state of overstimulation,”explained Ingrid.

Just not today!

Cats also have a right to their own space

“A cat often tries to explain in its own way to a person to stop touching her. The animal "shouts at you", wags its tail in irritation, its skin twitches nervously, its ears are directed backward or to the sides, its pupils are dilated. They get excited and tell you stop in their feline tongue. When we don't “listen,” we get bitten. The cat tried to warn us, but we are human beings and do not understand the cat's way."

Man, put me in my place Will no one save me ?!

Ingrid said that both a cat's character and her current mood are extremely important when it comes to whether they will allow their owners to hug them. This does not mean at all that animals do not like hugs. It only means that they hate it when people impose them on them! Some cats are more sensitive to touch than others, so respect your pet's individual preferences.

You better stop right now

Feline behaviorist Ingrid joked that dating cats is a bit like a first date. With them, too, you need to try very hard to deserve something more. The best way: ignore them, let them approach you on their own terms. Everyone will benefit from this! Cats feel safer when they are in control and can decide if they want close proximity.

Let's take a selfie!

“If you have a cat that tenses when you pet her, always make her want more.If the fifth attempt ends with a paw blow - stop at the second or third! Cats should always feel like masters of the situation.

Sometimes I ask myself, would she rather live in an orphanage? Stop touching me immediately!

Cats are good for your health

You want to hug your furry pet for a reason. A cat hug is incredibly beneficial to human health! This is confirmed not only by the personal experience of cat lovers, but also by official science. Cats, like other pets, have a calming effect on their owners by helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, living with a cat helps a person to better cope with stress, improves physical and psychological health.

He loves me, I swear!

One study found that owning a pet for just a month leads to very significant reductions in minor health problems like headaches, colds and back pain. According to the researchers, a beloved pet has the most positive impact on human health and behavior, and in the long term.

Santa! I hate you!

Cat or dog?

Of course, the physical benefits of owning a dog are undeniable. After all, you need to walk with her. Physical activity in the fresh air, what could be better? Only do not tell cats this, otherwise terrible revenge cannot be avoided. In short, having any pet at home is good. So go and hug your cat quickly. If she says no, don't forget to take a photo!

It should have been a beautiful photo …

According to expert Ingrid: “How much cats reduce stress in our lives depends on our unique relationship with them. The more we want to know about our pets, the more familiar we are with the behavior, quirks and needs of our cats, the happier they will be. And, accordingly, we too."

When you are caught and you cannot escape

“For many people, pets are a great comfort, a best friend, an attentive ear, and a source of unconditional love. Unfortunately, there is another side to the coin. A cat can irritate a person. Sometimes these animals can be extremely annoying. This is usually due to a lack of understanding of how best to take care of your cat and meet its needs, train it, and so on. Such hosts should seek the help of a qualified behaviorist! While some studies suggest that pets relieve stress and lower blood pressure, other studies disprove this theory,”Ingrid said.

I hate kissing!

Unlike dogs, cats usually do not develop a protective instinct for their owners or housemates. “By no means do I deny that cats are capable of love, but they often preserve themselves in this way. This is how they managed to survive and evolve for thousands of years,”said Ingrid.

Valentine's Day? Ugh!

“Their instincts are usually to hide to avoid danger, or to flee. They prefer not to fight as this increases the likelihood of injury. A wounded cat cannot hunt and take care of itself, so “to join the fight” is not their choice,”the specialist says.

The less we love the kitty, the more she likes us

Ingrid explained that cats really love us the most when we ignore them. However, if we are too open about our attachments, we can simply push them away and force them to avoid our embrace!

I know that he loves me

“Respect for the individual preferences of cats is a good way to show them love,” explained Ingrid. After all, each cat is unique and has a special character. Some may be more open to hugs than others, and you should be aware of their needs and not just think about meeting your own.

In addition to satisfying the basic needs of the animal, they also need entertainment and other things. It's not enough just to feed the cat, change the litter and refill its bowl of water. Moreover, rush to her with his arms when she categorically does not want to. Cats get bored without games.

I don't think it's worth it When you just don't want to hug

“Providing a cat-friendly environment that meets her needs is the best way to make her pet happy. The pet will feel safe and will show love in return. The owner needs to think about the fact that the animal should have its own house. A place to sharpen your claws, play and relieve stress. For all this, you need to subtly feel your pet. In other words, just love him for real."

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