14 funny photos of cats that prove that the purr has its own logic
14 funny photos of cats that prove that the purr has its own logic

Cats sleep an average of sixteen hours a day. This is absolutely normal - this is their physical feature. Interestingly others: where do they sleep? The thing is, our fluffy pets can do it in the weirdest places. They can choose as their royal bed a terrarium, a saucepan, a box, a vase, and many other objects that are absolutely unsuitable for sleeping (in your subjective opinion). The funniest places that cats chose to immerse themselves in the kingdom of Morpheus are further in the review.

The owners of these mustachioed-striped despots state with bewilderment that cats will sleep anywhere, but not where it should be. That is, not at all in those wonderful, completely new, super-duper comfortable and incredibly stylish beds for cats, which we bought for a lot of money especially for them, loved ones.

The cat climbed into the dollhouse and actually used the bed there

A fair question arises: does this mean that you wasted money on a cat house and bed in vain? Unfortunately, yes, completely and completely completely in vain!

Mom, he sleeps in my crib !!!

And here's your old jeans, a cardboard stand for cups of coffee from the nearest eatery, that vegan hipster rug that you got at work and you didn't know where to put it … Here it is! An ideal, and most importantly, a free place to sleep. So you could spend your money much more profitably. Cats still sleep anywhere, but not where they should.

Expensive new bed doesn't count! A kitchen napkin that has fallen to the floor is just that! Why buy cat loungers? The paper bag is definitely better!

Mikel Delgado, a doctoral student in animal behavior at the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, has a ton of interesting insights into how cats sleep. The specialist says: "The fact is that, as predators, cats tend to work hard and sleep soundly."

This cat has three beds, but sleeps here This is happiness!

The cat's sleep pattern is very different from ours. “Cats always sleep for a large number of hours, day and night, but in short runs. People just sleep all night. Everything at once, so to speak. " In total, cats sleep twelve to sixteen hours a day. This amount of rest helps them conserve strength and energy for the most important thing they need - hunting.

I think I wasted my money on the cat tree for nothing

Mikel also explained that most cats sleep so much during the day as their people are not at home. After all, when the owners are at home, their active environment supports the excitation of the nervous system in cats.

The case when money is spent ineffectively

“Giving your cat a window sill, food puzzles, a pot of cat grass, and other safe toys for solo play can help keep her active when you're not there,” the expert said.

Spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before going to bed, then found him sleeping in a skillet My cat had recently slept on my pants on the bottom shelf of our closet, so I asked my wife to move her pants and put the cat bed in there. The cat's answer For three months we have been building this beautiful heated house for the cat. The expression on her face when we presented it

Plus, cats can sleep in all these weird places because they fall asleep much easier than we do. In addition, they are also more flexible, so they can fit into a space that will not seem comfortable to us under any circumstances.

The house has five beds and ten chairs. He sits on eggs Feline logic often goes beyond reality

Mikel explained that some of these spaces can "give cats a sense of security or the ability to see what's going on in their environment." Because while we focus on cats as harmless pussies, they are also predators. Therefore, they need to know what is happening around them.

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