The mistress of the wonderful cat from Finland dispelled the myth of learning disabilities purr: 50 tricks of Nipa
The mistress of the wonderful cat from Finland dispelled the myth of learning disabilities purr: 50 tricks of Nipa

Cats are considered to be independent and wayward, and few of the owners come to mind to train them. Like, he goes to the tray and uses a scratching post - and thanks for that. Meanwhile, domestic cats also need training. An example of this is the cat Nipa, who is able to perform fifty funny tricks. Of course, perhaps he is just a unique and surprisingly talented cat, but who knows - maybe, with proper training, his relatives could show good results?

Nipa lives in Finland and he is not an ordinary cat that “walks by itself”, condescends to his owners and does what he wants. He "works" as a cat-therapist for the care of the elderly and knows a lot of interesting things. For example, he can climb stairs, standing on a person's feet, ride a skateboard (while he climbs on it himself and pushes himself off with his paw), jump from furniture on the owner's neck, try on many pairs of human shoes, roll a barrel, and much more.

Nipa walks on the feet of her mistress. Video frame

Perhaps the most amazing trick of Nipa is when Tiina's mistress shows him an object (for example, a heart, glue stick or a plastic lid), and the pet immediately touches the same object with its paw.

A smart cat sees an object and points to the same one. Video frame

The owner of Nipa even started an Instagram account, where she uploads videos with the incredible abilities of her cat. The account name is appropriate - (my cat has a talent). The owner says that by demonstrating Nipa's abilities to Internet users, she is trying to destroy one of the most common myths that cats do not need to be trained and that they are very poorly trained.

Nipa walks on overturned glass glasses. Video frame

The idea of ​​teaching Nipa tricks came to the owner the day she brought him to work with the elderly and decided that it would be safer and easier if she could control his behavior.

The girl saw a video on the Internet about how one teacher of the "cat school" taught her pet various funny things, and was also inspired. Tiina enrolled in this school and learned the basics of clicker learning and treats rewards.

She began to study with her cat, and he began to make incredible progress. Tiina explains that training like this helps cats to overcome boredom in the first place, and she believes that training makes her Nipu happy. In addition, it is always good when the pet is controllable and does not upset the owners with undesirable behavior.

A talented and well-mannered cat is an irreplaceable assistant in the rehabilitation of elderly people

The people Nipa works with are delighted with him. For example, one elderly man literally burst into tears of joy when the miracle cat was sitting on his lap. Tiina explains that therapy cats do an excellent job of providing emotional support and stress relief to people who are in desperate need of it.

Communication with a cat causes tears of joy in pensioners and sick people

Tiina uses a serving trolley when visiting retirees' rooms in the retirement home. On it, she carries Nipa's backpack, his towel, trash box, several toys and some other things for tricks.

The morning of the hostess and the cat begins like this. She gets dressed and gets ready for work, while Nipa looks out the window and smells the smells coming from the street. Tiina then goes to the toilet, and the cat, seeing this, also runs to his litter box. The hostess begins to brush her teeth, and the cat sits on her shoulders.

Before Tiina goes to work, they train for 15 minutes, and Nipa is the first to run up to the clicker, showing that he wants to study, and when they start training, he begins to purr rather.

The cat is riding a skateboard. Video frame

When the hostess returns from work, Nipa is waiting for her at the door, like a dog. Before going to bed, she walks the pet on a leash for two hours. It happens that after a walk, they arrange a second workout - for 5-15 minutes. The cat sleeps either with the hostess, sitting next to her pillow, or on a couch next to the bed.

Nipa walks with the hostess for two hours a day

The cat's favorite pastime is skateboarding. By the way, teaching Nipa to ride the board, according to Tiina, was the most difficult thing they learned.

Nipa himself stands on the board and pushes himself off

Nipa belongs to a relatively new breed of cats - Toyger. It was bred in the United States about 40 years ago. The genes of the common domestic tabby cat and the Bengal cat served as the basis for this breed.

Sometimes animal training is incredible. An example of this isClever Hans, whose intelligence in the last century was equated to human. This horse could perform mathematical calculations, distinguish colors, and more. True, he and the owner were suspected of some trick …

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