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How Britain and Holland Divide Noah's Ark: Who Arrested and Why Biblical Landmark
How Britain and Holland Divide Noah's Ark: Who Arrested and Why Biblical Landmark

The story goes that when God made the Great Flood as punishment for human sins, a righteous man named Noah built an ark. On it, he, his family, as well as selected animals and birds were saved from the water. There is a modern version of Noah's ark. It exactly repeats all the principles of construction described in the Bible. The ship is a Bible Museum. Now the modern version of the ark is faced with another problem: the British bureaucracy (they say that it is no easier than the flood). Who and why arrested the Biblical landmark, further in the review.

The half-scale version of Noah's Ark is not suitable for travel and must remain in a not quite biblical place - in English Ipswich. This is the order of the Marine and Coast Guard Agency (MCA), which confiscated "Noah's Ark". Now huge debts are piling up on the floating museum, while the British and Dutch authorities are engaged in bureaucratic casuistry. It seems that the case is not being resolved, but is getting more and more confused.

How the biblical landmark was greeted

It was just another stop on the way of the floating museum

The floating museum's troubles began when it anchored off Orwell Quay two years ago. The owner of the ark, Sir Aad Peters, considered this to be just one of the stops on the way to the sightseeing trip around the world. The museum was visited by people, everything seemed to be in perfect order.

Everything was as usual - people visited the museum and nothing boded trouble

This opinion was not shared by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency. They detained the ship. The MCA report stated that the floating craft had no load line certificates. According to them, this is a legal necessity. After all, the length of the Ark exceeds 24 meters, and therefore the documents must contain relevant information about its carrying capacity.

In addition to problems with carrying capacity, violations in the field of fire safety were found. Also, the ship did not have the proper number of life jackets and lifeboats. In addition, the Ark is not protected from fouling with shells. To do this, it must be covered with a special paint that prevents this.

The ISA has reported many legal violations

The incident went public and reached international proportions. The vessel has Dutch registration. However, you cannot fly the national flag on it while traveling. This is not even the most important thing. Each day of the arrest in Ipswich costs the owners of the floating museum a very tidy sum of £ 500. The MCA says that the Ark, which was arrested back in the spring, "will remain under arrest until all deficiencies are eliminated." After that, it will be necessary to invite the inspector of the Maritime and Coast Guard in order for him to document the correction of all legal inconsistencies.

Dutch disagree

Sir Aad Peters and company believe that the Ark cannot comply with these rules due to its status as an “uncertified floating object”. Modern Noah claims that all the necessary legal aspects have been observed.

Holland disagreed

The fact is that the ship was supposed to sail back in the winter of last year, but its stay was extended due to the fact that many people wanted to visit the unusual attraction.Peters then told the press: "I am happy to stay longer in Ipswich, we love it here and we will always consider the British as our close friends."

Apparently, these more than happy times have passed without a trace. Now that the ship has been arrested, such statements are no longer heard. The Ark was kept in the dock for a while, then it was moved. Due to its enormous size, the vessel created some inconvenience there.

This semi-automatic ark is a true Biblical miracle created by the craftsmen of the old school

The Ark was created an exact copy of Noah's

Whatever the aesthetic views, the modern Ark is a uniquely faithful replica of Noah's creation. It was built by Johan Hoybers. Aad Peters bought it eleven years ago and opened it to the public. Inside are sculptures of Biblical characters that depict Noah, his family and animals taken to the Ark. There are also scenes with Adam and Eve. This massive project cost Peters nearly $ 4 million to complete.

The Netherlands has approached the British government on several occasions in the hope of solving the problem. Now they are trying to achieve at least simply returning the ship. Then deal with his debts and fines. ISA protests, arguing that the Ark, in their words, “cannot rely on the grace of God” to reach its destination. They consider such a voyage to be dangerous.

The Maritime and Coast Guard considers the voyage of this vessel unsafe

Aad Peters really wanted the Ark to get as much attention as possible. Of course, he hardly thought that this kind of attention would be. Is this Biblical landmark destined to end its journey on the English shores or will it be returned to its homeland? God only knows this.

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