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How Yulia Snigir conquered Hollywood, and why after filming "Die Hard" she returned from America to Russia
How Yulia Snigir conquered Hollywood, and why after filming "Die Hard" she returned from America to Russia

On June 2, Yulia Snigir, one of the most successful and sought-after modern actresses, celebrates her 38th birthday. Last year alone, 4 new projects with her participation were released, and the series "The Good Man", where she played the main female role, caused a wide response. This year, 5 more new projects are expected, and in 2022 the film "Woland" will be released, where she played the role of Margarita. Her film career lasts only 15 years, but the actress has already managed to make herself known in Hollywood - she starred in the sequel to Die Hard with Bruce Willis. It was only after that that Snigir decided to return from the United States to Russia.

From teachers to actresses

Actress Yulia Snigir

Yulia Snigir came to Moscow from the provincial town of the Don Tula region. She failed to enter the pedagogical faculty of foreign languages ​​on the first attempt, and she was engaged in posting ads, taught English in kindergarten, and then got a job at the same university as a secretary of the department. The next admission attempt was successful. Even during her studies, she got married for the first time. The student marriage did not last long, but she got the surname from her husband - Snigir (her maiden name is Siriskina). After graduating from high school, Julia worked as a teacher at school for some time, but soon realized that this was not at all what she wanted to do in the future.

Yulia Snigir in the film Inhabited Island, 2009

Then she was moonlighting as a model, and her pictures caught the eye of the assistant directors. Although Julia did not audition for the film "Hipsters", there she was advised to get an acting education. She entered the Shchukin School, but soon began acting in films and dropped out after the second year. The first popularity came to her in 2006 after filming in the video of the group "Beasts" for the song "See you soon." In the same year, she made her film debut: she starred in the films Vaccine and The Last Slaughter. And after 3 years the whole country learned about her thanks to the role of Rada Gaal in the film "Inhabited Island" by Fyodor Bondarchuk. It was he who first discerned in her a great acting potential and predicted her a brilliant film career in the future. After that, the directors bombarded her with new proposals, and soon she really turned into one of the brightest stars.

"Die Hard" for a Russian actress

Yulia Snigir and Gerard Depardieu in the TV series Rasputin, 2011

Already 5 years after the start of her film career, Yulia Snigir starred in her first foreign project - the TV series Rasputin, co-produced by France and Russia, where Gerard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant became her partners on the set. And a year later, the actress was cast for the role of a Russian villain in the last, fifth part of the cult action movie of the 1990s. "Toughie".

Yulia Snigir in the film Die Hard-5, 2013

The language barrier did not exist for her, because even from the university she spoke English perfectly. But Snigir faced the same problems that most domestic actors who find themselves on the set in Hollywood talk about: the principles of working on a role abroad are completely different, and no one expected from her a depth of penetration into the image of a schematic villain and a spy. The actress said: "".

Yulia Snigir in the film Die Hard-5, 2013

Julia admitted: "". In the work on the set, she was struck by the coordination of the actions of the entire film crew: everything was calculated in minutes.True, this was exactly until the moment when Bruce Willis appeared in the frame - the Hollywood star of the first magnitude could afford to dictate her conditions, and the process was stopped only if the “tough nut” demanded it.

Yulia Snigir in the film Die Hard-5, 2013

She did not have a chance to communicate with her famous colleague outside of filming - he behaved respectfully and correctly, but kept himself apart. At the same time, absolutely for all the actors on the set, the most comfortable conditions were created. The difficulties were in something else: Snigir was panicky afraid of heights, but did not dare to speak about her fear when she was warned about filming on a helicopter.

Shooting at Sorrentino and new plans

Images from the series Great, 2015

A year after the release of "Die Hard-5" Yulia Snigir starred in another film in the United States, but soon returned to Russia, explaining it like this: "". After that, she took a long hiatus in her career abroad. The reason is simple: in Hollywood, interesting roles were not offered, but at home they were invited to several major projects at once. The actress played the main roles in the series "Where the Motherland Begins", "Great", "Bloody Lady", "Operetta of Captain Krutov", "Walking Through the Torments", which brought her incredible success.

Yulia Snigir and Jude Law in the TV series New Dad, 2020

In 2020, the actress again got a lucky ticket: she starred in the series "New Dad" by Paolo Sorrentino, where her partners on the set were foreign stars of the first magnitude Jude Law and John Malkovich. At the moment, Snigir calls this role the most beloved, he considers shooting in the film of the famous Italian director one of the most significant events of his creative life and admits that it was Sorrentino who gave her inner confidence in herself and her abilities.

Jude Law and Yulia Snigir

Today she is engaged in several domestic projects, but she does not plan to give up filming abroad in the future - only if interesting proposals come in. At the same time, for the sake of such roles as in "Die Hard", Yulia Snigir is not ready to move to the USA and she does not build any illusions about the prospects in Hollywood: "". The actress realizes that at home she will probably have more opportunities to reveal different facets of her acting talent, which is not to be expected in Hollywood.

Shot from the TV series The Good Man, 2020

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