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Why does the spectacular actress Irina Pegova not want to get married: "Delayed Happiness Syndrome"
Why does the spectacular actress Irina Pegova not want to get married: "Delayed Happiness Syndrome"

June 18 marks the 43rd anniversary of the famous actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Irina Pegova. Her career is developing very successfully: this year alone, 5 projects were released, where she played the main roles, and soon 3 more premieres will take place. One of them has a symbolic name - "Delayed Happiness Syndrome". Her heroine, a forty-year-old provincial, lives for her daughter, denying herself everything, and this story in many ways resembles the fate of the actress. 10 years ago, she divorced her husband, actor Dmitry Orlov, and since then has been in no hurry to marry again. Her motives will surely be understood by thousands of women …

Irina Pegova in her youth

Today, the owner of magnificent forms Irina Pegova is difficult to imagine in the image of an athlete, but this is the future that her father, who devoted his life to sports, wanted for her. As a child, his daughter was engaged in swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, equestrian sports, fencing, skating and skiing, and loved to run. And so that she grew up comprehensively developed, her parents also sent her to a music school. She had good vocal skills, and at first Irina dreamed of becoming a singer.

Still from the film Zoya, 2010

After leaving school, Pegova left her hometown of Vyksa for Nizhny Novgorod and entered the theater school there. A year later, the troupe "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop" came to them on tour, the actors showed their work to the students, and they demonstrated their own skills, and the famous director drew attention to the talented provincial woman. After dropping out of her studies in Novgorod, Irina entered the directing department of GITIS on the course of Peter Fomenko, and after that she began performing in his theater.

The bitter experience of family life

Irina Pegova and Dmitry Orlov with their daughter

In 2002, Irina Pegova began acting in films, and a year later, at the age of 25, she played her first major role in the film by Alexei Uchitel "Walk", which became fateful for her both in her professional and personal life. For this film, she received the Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress, and at the Warsaw Film Festival, where she presented this film, Pegova met actor Dmitry Orlov, and they began an affair. After returning to Moscow, they never parted, and in 2005 they got married. Then Irina said that her husband is the person with whom she wants to live her whole life. They had a daughter, Tatyana, they seemed like an ideal couple, but after 7 years the marriage broke up.

Irina Pegova and Dmitry Orlov with their daughter

Their separation was very difficult, and the divorce proceedings received wide publicity - the artists could not agree and divided the property through the courts. Despite this, Pegova did not interfere with further communication between her ex-husband and her daughter. And later, Orlov admitted that they broke up through his fault - he abused alcohol and, instead of support, often showered his wife with undeserved reproaches.

Lonely and happy

Irina Pegova in the TV series Varenka. And in sorrow, and in joy, 2010

After parting with her husband, the actress never married again. Almost 10 years have passed since then, she was credited with novels with actor Sergei Kempo and 22-year-old dancer Yevgeny Raev, but they did not develop into a serious relationship. The grown-up daughter herself has already begun to look for the mother of suitors and advise her to pay attention to the men from her environment, but Pegova is now very careful about the choice of men whom she lets into her life, and is in no hurry to tie herself up in marriage again.

Still from the film Lonely Hearts, 2013

In a recent interview, the actress admitted that at the moment she is free, and that suits her perfectly. At the same time, she does not feel lonely and unhappy, her thoughts are now completely concentrated on something else. "", - Irina Pegova admits. The actress says that in a relationship with a man, you often have to adjust and change your plans, and now she does not have such a need, so you can be yourself and make decisions on your own.

Irina Pegova in the TV series Casanova, 2020

Today Irina Pegova is one of the most demanded actresses; in her 20 years of film career, more than 75 works have appeared in her filmography, in half of which she played the main roles. Nevertheless, Pegova cannot call her acting destiny absolutely happy, because very often directors see her in only one role: "".

The main person in life

Irina Pegova in the TV show Dancing with the Stars

After in 2015, Pegova won the TV show "Dancing with the Stars", she continued to practice dancing. Since then, her schedule has no free time at all: 5-6 new film projects a year, 15 performances a month, constant tours and daily dancing and sports. It seems that she herself does not leave herself the slightest chance to arrange her personal life, because this requires free time. But the actress spends all the hours not busy with work with her daughter, who has become the main person in her life.

Irina Pegova with her daughter Tanya at the premiere of the film Relatives, 2021

Her daughter Tanya is already 15 years old, and during all this time, their longest separation from her mother lasted only one month - and then for the reason that due to closed borders in 2020, Pegova was stuck in Minsk, where the shooting took place. Despite her incredible workload, she always finds time for her daughter and does not trust her upbringing to strangers. The actress says: "".

Irina Pegova with her daughter

Recently, the actress has become noticeably prettier and made everyone talk about herself: The reasons for the radical transformation of Irina Pegova.

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