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Why One of the Most Beautiful Modern Actresses Doesn't Want to Get Married and Have Children: The Paradoxes of Anna Chipovskaya
Why One of the Most Beautiful Modern Actresses Doesn't Want to Get Married and Have Children: The Paradoxes of Anna Chipovskaya

June 16 marks the 34th anniversary of the famous actress Anna Chipovskaya. On her account - already about 45 film roles, and today she is called one of the most successful and sought-after domestic artists. Since her first appearance on the screens, Chipovskaya has traditionally been included in the ratings of the most beautiful and attractive stars, and her personal life has always attracted no less attention than her work. She was credited with novels with the most popular artists, but Anna was never married, and recently announced that she did not seek to become either a wife or a mother at all.

Creative family

Anna Chipovskaya in her youth

Anna was a "theatrical child" and spent all her childhood behind the scenes of the Theater. E. Vakhtangova, where her mother, Honored Artist of Russia Olga Chipovskaya, performed. Anna's father was also involved in creative work: Boris Frumkin is known as a jazz musician, pianist and composer. The parents divorced when their daughter was only one year old, and the mother who raised her gave her her last name. They were always very close with their mother, and under her influence, Anna also chose the acting profession, although at first she had many other hobbies.

Olga and Anna Chipovskiy

During her school years, Anna studied at a music school and a choreographic studio, and while still a student at a linguistic gymnasium, she began working at a modeling agency. At the same time, she did not consider herself a beauty then and later admitted that she suffered from many complexes and lack of interest on the part of the opposite sex: "".

Actress with her father, musician Boris Frumkin

Anna did not enter the Shchukin School on the first attempt, and a year later she applied to the Moscow Art Theater School, successfully passed the entrance tests and got into the course of Konstantin Raikin. While still at school, at the age of 15, she began acting in films, and in her student years - performing on the theater stage. After completing her studies, Chipovskaya became an actress of the Moscow Theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. Her first and most authoritative critic was her mother, whom Anna calls the closest person and beloved actress. Her opinion has always been paramount for her: "". She also managed to maintain a very warm relationship with her father - they are united by a love of jazz and the ability to speak frankly on any topic.

Popularity test

Anna Chipovskaya in the series Silver Lily of the Valley-2, 2004

While still a student, Anna Chipovskaya gained her first popularity - after filming in the series "Dear Masha Berezina". At that time, the actress was only 17 years old, and she was not ready for the test of fame. She later admitted: "".

Shot from the TV series Thaw, 2013

It also helped to descend from heaven to earth that, despite the large number of new roles, there were no big creative victories among them for the next 10 years. A new wave of popularity hit the actress after the lead role in Valery Todorovsky's TV series The Thaw. Anna believed that she owed much of her success to the director, whom she obeyed unquestioningly, and this, with her difficult character, happened extremely rarely.

Anna Chipovskaya in the series Winners, 2017

She is often offered the roles of the main characters, but she considers herself a characteristic actress - Chipovskaya is not afraid to look ugly, funny and strange. In the cinema, these facets of her talent were rarely revealed, but in the theater both dramatic and comedic roles were entrusted to her.

Temporarily childfree

Anna Chipovskaya and Alexey Vorobyov

The beautiful actress has always enjoyed great attention of the opposite sex, she was credited with novels with many famous artists - Nikita Efremov, Alexei Vorobyov, Danila Kozlovsky - but Chipovskaya herself never commented on these rumors. In 2013, she often came out with businessman Daniil Sergeev, their romance lasted 3 years, but the wedding never ended.

Anna Chipovskaya and Daniil Sergeev

She was then asked many questions about this, and they caused her bewilderment: "".

Anna Chipovskaya and Dmitry Endaltsev

In 2017, Anna Chipovskaya began an affair with actor Dmitry Endaltsev, and since then they have not parted. According to the actress, their relationship is very harmonious, but she still has no plans to get married. When she was once again asked questions about marriage, the actress burst into a tirade: "".

Theater and film actress Anna Chipovskaya

Today the actress is sure: all that is needed for happiness is to live in the present, to enjoy every day and not to think about the “time”. After all, the only thing that, in her opinion, is always the right time - "". And in this it is difficult to disagree with her.

Theater and film actress Anna Chipovskaya

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