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Why did the daughter of the famous comedian Khazanov leave ballet for cinema, and how she broke the heart of singer Danko
Why did the daughter of the famous comedian Khazanov leave ballet for cinema, and how she broke the heart of singer Danko

From her father, the famous artist Gennady Khazanov, she inherited intelligence, creativity and versatile talents. By the age of 47, she managed to declare herself as a ballerina, choreographer, actress, director, screenwriter and producer, and in all these areas of activity she realized herself quite successfully. And once even her father doubted that after the forced departure from the Bolshoi Theater, she would be able to find herself in a different kind of creativity, and that she would be able to choose a worthy life partner, because her chosen one did not seem like that to her father. And he dedicated the song "Your Baby" to Alisa Khazanova, which became a super hit.

Ballet past

Alisa Khazanova with her father

Since childhood, Alisa was surrounded by love, attention and care: her parents Gennady Khazanov and Zlata Elbaum lived together all their lives, and their only daughter has always been their pride and joy. Probably, largely thanks to the warm relations in the family, she grew up such a harmonious person and learned to accept herself for who she is. She calls herself "an actress with a complex face", but she never wanted to change anything in her appearance.

Alisa Khazanova with her parents

In fact, there have been plenty of reasons for worrying and doubting oneself since childhood. Alice recalled: "".

Alisa Khazanova in her youth

As a child, Gennady Khazanov dreamed of ballet, but when he tried to enter the ballet school, he was told that his physical characteristics were completely unsuitable for ballet - they say that such a frail partner would not be able to perform support with dancers. The artist tried to realize his unfulfilled dreams in his daughter: from the age of 7 she studied at the ballet school, and at 9 she entered the Moscow Choreographic School, from which she graduated with honors and became a ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater.

Alisa Khazanova in her youth

In the 1990s. for 8 years, Alisa Khazanova performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, and at the same time she was engaged in modern dance. In 1995, she took academic leave and spent a year in New York, graduating from the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and mastering the modern style. She was offered a job in America, but Alice was not ready to stay there and returned to the Bolshoi Theater. In addition, for 2 years she taught modern at the Nikolai Ogryzkov School of Contemporary Dance. As a choreographer, Khazanova took part in staging performances at the Variety Theater under the direction of her father. However, in the late 1990s. she began to doubt whether she wanted to study ballet in the future. And just at this time, while skiing, Alice received a knee injury, because of which she was forced to say goodbye to ballet forever. This did not become a tragedy for her - she took it as a sign of fate and a reason to think about other areas of realizing her talents.

Unsuccessful marriage with Danko

Alisa Khazanova and Alexander Fadeev (Danko)

At the Bolshoi Theater, Alisa met the dancer Alexander Fadeev, who was then studying ballet, and later became known as the singer Danko. She impressed him with her intelligence, erudition, good taste and sophistication. They began an affair, which after 4 years almost ended in a wedding, but Alice's parents were categorically against her chosen one. He seemed to them hopeless and unworthy of their daughter. Later Danko said: "".

Alisa Khazanova

By that time, Khazanova already had the experience of an unsuccessful marriage behind her - for the first time she married Dmitry Sidorov, the son of the ex-minister of culture, at the age of 19, but this marriage broke up a few months later. According to the parents, marriage with a novice artist would have turned into new disappointments for their daughter, and largely under their influence, Alice decided to part with him. And soon she married the Swiss financier David Bauman and gave birth to two daughters. When the first of them was born and Danko found out about it, he wrote the song "Your baby". Nobody guessed that the lines “He might look like me, your baby” were dedicated to Alisa Khazanova. And the words of her mother that the young man is nothing of himself became a powerful incentive for him to prove the opposite and achieve success in show business.

The path of an actress and director

Alisa Khazanova in the series A Short Course in a Happy Life, 2011

By the age of 30, Alisa Khazanova felt the need to realize her creative ambitions in a new field. In 2005, she made her debut as an actress in the diploma short film "Together" by French film school student Nicholas Khomeriki, which won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival. After that, directors drew attention to the actress, and she began acting in films. Loud popularity came to her in 2012, after Khazanova played one of the main roles in Valeria Gai Germanika's series “A Short Course in a Happy Life”.

Alisa Khazanova with her father

In parallel with filming a movie, Khazanova performed on the stage of the Praktika Theater. Only in 2010, at the premiere of the play "Agatha Returns Home", she finally heard from her father the words that she had been waiting for a long time. Gennady Khazanov said: "".

Actress and director Alisa Khazanova

Alisa Khazanova gave her father another reason to be proud of her successes in 2017, when, not only as an actress, but also as a screenwriter, producer and director, she released her debut English-language film "Shards". She says: "".

Actress and director Alisa Khazanova

Today Alisa Khazanova is absolutely happy with the way her fate has developed. There are already 25 works in her filmography, she continues to perform on the stage of the theater. In 2015, she married for the third time, to the lawyer Dmitry Shokhov, and is happily married. As a director, Khazanova is now planning to shoot another film, this time in Russian.

Actress and director Alisa Khazanova

Her parents have become an example for her in many ways: Family happiness of Gennady Khazanov and Zlata Elbaum.

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