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How the fates of the actresses from the films "Brother" and "Brother-2" developed: Who left the cinema, and who made a successful career
How the fates of the actresses from the films "Brother" and "Brother-2" developed: Who left the cinema, and who made a successful career

Films by Alexei Balabanov "Brother" and "Brother-2" became cult and brought the actors, who performed the main roles, nationwide popularity. The brightest stars were Sergei Bodrov Jr. and Viktor Sukhorukov, but the audience probably remembered the actresses who played the supporting roles - the tram driver Sveta, the party girl Kat and the representative of the ancient profession Marilyn (Dasha), who returned to her homeland from the USA with the main character. Which of them managed to build a successful acting career, and who left the world of cinema forever - further in the review.

Svetlana Pismichenko

Svetlana Pismichenko as Sveta in the film Brother, 1997

Before filming "Brother" actress Svetlana Pismichenko graduated from LGITMiK, began performing on the stage of the Theater. Lensovet, and on the screens appeared only in television performances and in episodic roles in films. She played her first leading role in the film by Alexei Balabanov "The Castle", and when, 4 years later, the director began work on the film "Brother", the role of Sveta was prescribed in the script specifically for her. During the filming, she learned how to drive a tram - she was specially given a decommissioned freight tram and for several days they explained the basics of driving.

Still from the movie Brother, 1997

Svetlana approached work on her image from the standpoint of a theatrical actress. She tortured the director with questions: why did Sveta become a tram driver? she didn't go to college? is she a limit woman? Pismichenko recalled: "".

Shot from the film Brother, 1997

The audience believed her heroine unconditionally, because in part the actors played themselves (Pismichenko herself lived in a communal apartment in very cramped material conditions), even filmed without makeup - for maximum reliability and naturalness, they appeared in the frame in their clothes, since the film's budget was very limited … On the set, the actress suffered: the scene where Sveta, along with the main character, comes to Butusov's concert, was filmed at a real concert (not Butusov, but Chizha), the actors were put directly into the crowd of fans and filmed in real time. There was such a crush that they broke a rib for Svetlana, and the horror in her eyes and the tears in the frame were real.

Honored Artist of Russia Svetlana Pismichenko

After “Brother”, the actress became very popular, but this success did not affect the development of her film career. She played cameo roles in the series Streets of Broken Lanterns, Destructive Force and Lines of Fate, later again starred with Balabanov in the film Morphine, and after that she appeared more often on the stage than on the set.

Svetlana Pismichenko in the TV series Major-3, 2018

She herself explained it this way: "".

Maria Zhukova

Maria Zhukova as Kat

The role of the party girl Kat went to 24-year-old actress Maria Zhukova (after marriage - Milyutina). By this time, she graduated from LGITMiK, performed on the stage of the Aldan Youth Theater and played only one role in a movie. But her photograph ended up in the Lenfilm filing cabinet and once caught the eye of Alexei Balabanov. He invited her to audition, and Zhukova got the role of a cheeky girl named Kat, with whom the main character spent time in nightclubs.

Still from the movie Brother, 1997

In real life, Maria had nothing to do with her heroine - she never led such a lifestyle, did not speak slang, did not dress like Kat. Later, the actress said: "".

Maria Zhukova

Maria Zhukova, like her colleagues, spoke about Balabanov's desire to achieve maximum naturalness in the frame: "".

Maria Zhukova

During the filming, the actress was pregnant, and immediately after completing work on the film, she got married and left for Moscow. After graduating from the institute, Maria doubted the correctness of her choice of profession, and with the birth of her son, she decided to devote herself entirely to caring for the family. After “Brother”, she played only 4 cameo roles in films, and after filming the TV series “Trotsky” in 2017, she no longer appeared on the screens. Today Maria Milyutina organizes cultural events and publishes a magazine about contemporary culture.

Daria Yurgens

Daria Yurgens in the film Brother-2, 2000

The most striking actress of the film "Brother-2" was Daria Yurgens, who played the role of a girl of easy virtue Marilyn ("in Russian Dasha"). She grew up in a family of theater actors and, as a child, first appeared on the stage of the theater. After graduating from LGITMiK, she performed at the Youth Theater and played several roles in films, including Balabanov's. Noting the talent and charisma of the actress, the director created the image of Marilyn in "Brother-2" especially for her. This time he was also brief, explaining to the actress the essence of her image: "". For this role, the actress had to shave her head, but for the sake of Balabanov, she did it without hesitation.

Shot from the film Brother-2, 2000

Some of the filming took place in the USA, and the director put the actors in a live environment here too: there were real visitors to the establishment in the bar, real representatives of the ancient profession stood on the street next to the actress, who reacted to her very aggressively - when they saw a new competitor, they spat after her and almost got into a fight. The role of Marilyn brought Daria Jurgens incredible popularity - perhaps she became the most famous female performer of the two parts of "Brother". After the release of the film on the screens for a long time on the streets, they shouted after her the phrase of her heroine: ""

Daria Jurgens in the series Sea Devils, 2013-2019

After "Brother-2" the actress received many new proposals from directors, however, these were mostly small roles in the series. One of her most famous films in the 2000s. became the role of Margarita Koshkina (Bagheera) in all seasons of the series "Sea Devils". In this image, the actress has appeared on screens for 15 years.

Honored Artist of Russia Daria Yurgens

Disputes about these films by Balabanov continue to this day: What's left behind the scenes of "Brother" and "Brother-2".

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