Who sang for whom on the Russian stage: Vocal slaves of show business
Who sang for whom on the Russian stage: Vocal slaves of show business

Variety master Maxim Fadeev recently admitted to the audience that he is a real performer of some of the songs released by his production center and became hits. A special piquancy was given to the intrigue by the fact that the high vocals sounding in the compositions were mistaken by many for female. I must admit that the unusual PR move worked. The producer, who recently dispersed all his "stars", managed to quickly attract attention to himself once again. Although this story made many people think about the question of what, in fact, is modern pop art, if it allows such a high-quality "substitution" of stars that even a man from a woman is already becoming difficult to distinguish.

The composition "So Long" of the MALFA project immediately aroused a lot of questions from fans after its release. Who owns the high voice performing it was kept secret for some time. Many decided that, perhaps, one of the wards of the producer - Olga Seryabkina. The recent scandals surrounding the production center have resulted in a complete reboot of the project.

Recall that with the light hand of Maxim Fadeev, our stage has been enriched by the following famous names: Linda, Gluk'oZa, Katya Lel, Elena Temnikova, Yulia Savicheva, the Serebro group and many others. After the recent high-profile scandal with Nargiz Zakirova, Max Fadeev decided to completely reconsider his work as a producer. At a recent solo concert, he, moreover, finally revealed the intrigue of an unusual track. The audience saw that in fact the creator of the MALFA label performed the hit “So Long” himself, which caused them a real delight.

Maxim Fadeev is a Soviet and Russian composer, music producer, songwriter, arranger, director and actor

It is interesting that a few years ago Vocaloid MALFA was created in this production center - one of the first in our country. This clever software allows you to change the voice of the donor singer, creating a true electronic performer. With the help of similar technologies in Japan, several completely artificial vocaloid stars have been performing very successfully for many years. Maxim Fadeev himself did not disclose the technical details of creating the hit at the concert, telling only about his participation in the recording:. However, the network is discussing the option that his voice was changed using this program.

In this case, I am reminded of the example of the "Hi-Fi" group. Created in 1998, the group sang for ten years with the voice of its producer Pavel Yesenin, and the singer from Novosibirsk Mitya Fomin became the frontman of the group. The reason for this change is very commonplace. Pavel Yesenin explained the situation as follows:

Timofey Pronkin, Ekaterina Li and Mitya Fomin - soloists of the Hi-Fi group

Although the most famous "vocal slave" of the 90s was, of course, the singer Margarita Sukhankina - the performer of all the "golden" hits of the Mirage group. "Music bound us", "The stars are waiting for us", "This night" - these compositions are still remembered and loved by many fans of the group, but still not everyone knows what their girl, whose photos never appeared on cassettes and disks, recorded them. …

Margarita Sukhankina - Soviet and Russian opera and pop singer

During the creation of the group, Margarita Sukhankina was a student at the Moscow Conservatory and was preparing to become an opera singer. An acquaintance persuaded her to record several songs "in the style of Zhanna Aguzarova". The amateur collective "Zone of Activity" a year later received the name "Mirage" and turned into a professional project.The soloist with a conservatory education recorded several compositions, which were later destined to become hits, but then she was forced to leave the group. Many years later, Margarita told about this:

The vocal career of Margarita Sukhankina was successful at first - the girl became a soloist of the Bolshoi Theater. Later she left, according to her, in "free swimming" and again recorded songs for "Mirage" in an updated format. However, according to the first soloist, only since 2007

After the release of the album Invincible in 2002, there was a serious rift between Michael Jackson and his record label Sony Music

However, one should not think that incidents with the substitution of voices are the prerogative of the national stage. The scandal that broke out in 2018 in America showed that the problems of show business seem to be the same all over the world, and no one is immune from deception. Sony Music has admitted that in Michael Jackson's latest album, some songs were performed not by the king of pop, but by another singer. These included tracks such as "Monster", "Keep Your Head Up" and "Breaking News".

The fact is that a year and a half after the death of the famous singer, his album "Michael" was released. Sony Music has done so as the copyright holder of Jackson's legacy. However, these three songs immediately raised many questions from fans. Doubts about who owns the voice arose even among the singer's relatives. The case went to court, with the result that the company confessed to a forgery. Interestingly, the King of Pop's quarrels with Sony happened during his lifetime, so after his death, in fact, nothing has changed.

However, the producer is not always the main thing in a musical career. And even talent is not always the main thing. Proof tome singers who made their careers thanks to their husbands money.

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